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First Dates Hotel singleton breaks hearts by revealing his mum was murdered when he was just 15

A First Dates Hotel singleton opened up to his date and revealed his mum was murdered when he was just 15 years old.

Bengy from Essex was paired up with Lara by Fred Sirieix and his team, and found themselves bonding over tragedy.

Initially hesitant to talk about it, Bengy hinted that he had suffered a ‘trauma’ as a kid that caused him to lash out and misbehave as a teen and flunk out in exams.

But after a few drinks and intimate conversations, Bengy said: ‘When I was fifteen, how do I say it nicely, my mum got murdered.

‘The geezer that done it, I knew him. He used to pick me up from school and stuff.’

Lara was shocked at the discovery, but continued to support Bengy as he opened up to her.

Bengy opened up about the death of his mother (Picture: Channel 4)

Bengy later said that he was helped with therapy at a youth centre, and now wants to open one up himself to help young kids in need of support like he was.

Speaking to the cameras afterwards, Bengy continued: ‘Getting that phone call I’d say was the worst day of my life really.

‘I just remember walking for miles and it was like a black-and-white movie playing in your head of all the good times. It was surreal. It makes you question the world.’

Lara let him open up to her (Picture: Channel 4)

Remembering his mum, he said: ‘I miss the affection, she was so affectionate with me and we would dance in the front room together. She was so loving to everyone.

‘Everyone she just saw humans for humans I think. I loved her.

‘You can’t describe it. Your mum’s there and the next day she was gone, and taken from you. A piece of my soul feels like it’s missing.’

However, after years of dealing with the loss, Bengy is now focusing on the positive – and wants to find someone to share it with.

‘I can see the beauty in life now,’ he said. ‘I mean obviously you have to continuously battle, but I feel ready to actually live my life now.’

First Dates Hotel airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV.

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