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First Dates leaves viewers divided as woman is left furious when date awkwardly asks her to split the bill

First Dates leaves viewers divided as woman is left furious when date asks her to split bill (Picture: Channel 4)

First Dates left its viewers completely divided when it comes who should be paying the bill at the end of date.

Wednesday night’s episode of the show was a look back at old First Date episodes where things didn’t go so well – including one date that saw music producer Steve awkwardly ask his date Elaine to ‘go Dutch’ with him at the end of dinner when it came to paying up.

Elaine and Steve were first seen on First Dates in 2017 and their date had started off well, with the couple even enjoying a dance together mid-way through their meal.

They had been discussing Steve potentially cooking Elaine dinner in the near future before things royally went south when the waitress arrived to take a payment.

Faced with the bill, Steve got a little more than awkward as he shoved the receipt for dinner in Elaine’s face and said: ‘I ain’t got that.’

When Elaine asked Steve ‘what exactly he was asking her,’ he asked the waitress to give them a minute, before turning to Elaine and saying: ‘So, shall we go Dutch?’

Steve cheekily suggested ‘going Dutch’ over the bill (Picture: Channel 4)

The move left Elaine ‘very, very disappointed’ (Picture: Channel 4)

Elaine was left shaking her head as she put some money down and Steve then asked for ’10 quid more’, before telling the camera: ‘I’m shocked, I’m still trying to get over it.’

While she said she was going to hold off on judging Steve until speaking with him, she did add that she was feeling ‘very, very disappointed’ with her date.

‘I have some concerns… about the bill,’ Elaine said, as the pair reunited onscreen following their dinner, with Steve cheekily responding: ‘I’m about equal opportunities, aren’t I darling?’






As expected, both agreed to go their separate ways, with Elaine remarking: ‘I don’t want to be with somebody like that that, I don’t, I’m sorry.’

Outraged fans watching flocked to Twitter and it looks like many were divided on whether Steve should have asked Elaine to pay her way.

‘Call me old fashioned but the guy should always pay on the first date #FirstDates,’ said one viewer.





‘Never EVER should a man go “dutch” on a bill with a lady. Be a gentleman and be proud of it. #FirstDates,’ agreed another.

‘”Are we going Dutch?” The kiss of death to ruin a great #FirstDates encounter… NO!’ said one more fan, while another backed Steve for wanting to split the bill.

‘Going Dutch, 50/50, absolutely, equal all the way #FirstDates,’ they said.

Another viewer was all for Steve only paying half, as they posted: ‘No! Sorry! Pay for your own meal on a first date!! Why do some women expect someone they’ve never met before to pay the whole bill?? #FirstDates.’


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