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Flabbergasted Lorraine Kelly horrified by Roe v Wade ruling over abortion rights: ‘It feels like nothing is safe’

Lorraine Kelly has expressed her horror over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling in the US, questioning if other rights ‘could disappear’.

Shock has reverberated around the world since it was announced that guaranteed abortion rights in America are no longer ensured after 50 years.

Numerous people have spoken out against the ruling, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, while Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo used their sets at Glastonbury 2022 to rally the crowds in collective fury.

On Monday’s Lorraine, the talk show host was joined by Paxton Smith, a college student from Texas who went viral with her high school valedictorian speech, when she spoke out about abortion restrictions being pushed by lawmakers in the state.

The presenter compared abortion rights to gun rights in the state, affirming that the widely-condemned Supreme Court ruling ‘doesn’t make sense’.

‘You do wonder, where it will end. Are we going to find gay marriages, that being clawed back, rolled back, the rights of trans people… all of these hard-fought rights could disappear,’ Lorraine remarked.

Lorraine was aghast by the ruling (Picture: ITV)
Paxton explained the ‘domino effect’ that could follow (Picture: ITV)

‘Things that you thought were the law and thought right, that’s what’s going to happen, that’s fine. It just feels like that there’s a real kind of like… nothing is safe.’

Lorraine also added that ‘you do forget it’s 2022 sometimes’ in response to the news.

In response, Paxton emphasised that ‘there’s a huge domino effect that could come from this’.

‘The reasoning for overturning Roe v Wade is that there’s nothing explicitly stating in the constitution that abortion is a right. But the reasoning used in the case that protected abortion rights for almost 50 years in the US is that we have a right to privacy,’ she explained.

Paxton expressed concern for people who don’t have the money to travel out of their state to receive abortion care (Picture: ITV)

‘These other cases that you’re mentioning that ensure people have a constitutional right to get married to whoever they choose, that ensure that people have access to contraceptives, that allow people to have interracial marriages, these same cases that you’re referring to are based on the exact same reasoning, and we have a Supreme Court Justice who is recommending that we look at these cases again and reevaluate if they should still stand.’

Later on today’s Lorraine, the host spoke to Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald, asking the reality star about her view on the overturning of Roe v Wade.

While Mary now lives in California, she shared that she grew up in Indiana, which she described as ‘conservative’ and ‘religious’.

‘I think every woman, I’m all about women empowerment, women’s rights. I believe that is a woman’s right to choose for herself,’ she asserted.

Lorraine remarked in response how it feels as though the states of the US are ‘really fractured’, remarking how the country is in her view ‘the disunited states of America’.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.


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