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Former EastEnders star Melissa Suffield embraces post-baby body in stunning snap

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Melissa looked gorgeous in her latest update to fans (Picture: Instagram)

Melissa Suffield often uses her social media platforms to give an honest reflection of her journey into motherhood and she wowed her 25,000 followers yesterday after sharing a gorgeous new photo.

The 28-year-old gave birth to her young son River in March last year and has documented his growth online.

The mum-of-one has shared pictures whilst breastfeeding the tot and keeps her Instagram page full of positivity.

The latest update showed the ex-EastEnders star looking relaxed as she posed in a nude lingerie set.

She had a white sheet in the background and explained the snap to her followers.

Melissa said: ‘Actually shaved my legs higher than the ankle to take this photo, so never let it be said that I don’t make an effort.

‘Also remind me to find someone 8ft tall to just hang around with me and take photos because I’m digging this new angle for me.

My Celebrity Life –

The star gave birth to her first son River last March (Picture: Instagram)

‘Feeling very Botticelli painting gal being fed grapes by a flying baby sort of realness, and honestly, who doesn’t want to feel that sort of power? Power poses ftw.’

She went on to joke: ‘Also imagine if this was the standard power pose for the Tory party instead of that weird wide apart legs thing they love to do.

‘Imagine they all just got on the floor at party conferences.

‘Probably still look less strange than the wide apart legs. Happy Saturday!’

Fans soon complimented Melissa on the gorgeous photo, with one commenting: ‘Absolutely love this!! You look amazing x.’

Another wrote: ‘Wow Amazing you one brave beauty… empowering us all.’

My Celebrity Life –

Melissa shared a snap of herself bottle feeding her son on World Breastfeeding Week (Picture: Instagram)

It comes just a few weeks after Melissa uploaded a picture of her posing nude with baby River in a post about breastfeeding.

The throwback picture showed her using a bottle of pumped breastmilk to feed her son to mark World Breastfeeding Week.

Melissa captioned the beautiful image: ‘Pumping is breastfeeding too.

‘Is breastmilk brilliant? Yes. Is it great to be able to feed it to your child? Of course. Is it the be all and end all? Absolutely not.

‘Even with all the support and education in the world, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes people just don’t want to. Sometimes a massive great whopping pandemic comes along.’

She went on to remind her followers: ‘No journey is easy, every feeding method comes with its challenges, and it shouldn’t be divisive.’

Melissa Suffield

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