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From Ciri starting training with Geralt to Yennefer’s return: The key moments from The Witcher season 2 trailer

The trailer for The Witcher season 2 has been released, teasing Henry Cavill’s highly-anticipated return as Geralt of Rivia as he sets out on his mission to protect Princess Cirilla (Freya Allan) at all costs.

The trailer has served up plenty of excitement for fans to devour ahead of its December release, as fan-favourite Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) returns and Geralt faces the danger of more monsters to conquer.

Short snippets of the new episodes have teased the introduction of new demonic creatures, in addition to the debuts of characters that fans of The Witcher books and video games will already be familiar with.

From Ciri beginning her training with Geralt, the princess coming face-to-face with Yennefer and Geralt catching up with old friends, there is a lot to unpack from the latest look at the series.

Here’s a breakdown of the key moments from the trailer…

Vereena has arrived

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It’s giving us Van Helsing vibes (Picture: Netflix)

In the world of The Witcher, Vereena is a bruxa – a vampire – who is in love with a cursed man called Nivellen, played by Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju in season two.

It appears that Vereena is going to be making one hell of an entrance in The Witcher, as she and Geralt go head-to-head.

Bruxa’s are powerful vampires who often appear in human form as young women with dark hair, although their true form is that of a bat.

One of the tools at Vereena’s disposal is her mighty scream, which she tries to use against Geralt during their fight in the courtyard.

Batman vs Superman take two?

My Celebrity Life –
The bruxa adopts her true form (Picture: Netflix)

It’s of course a complete stretch to say this scene is paying homage to Henry’s starring role in Batman vs Superman.

However, we can’t help but spot the parallels.

Ciri’s training has begun

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If you’re going to learn to fight, you’d better learn from the best (Picture: Netflix)

Throughout season one of The Witcher, viewers watched as Ciri and Geralt explored their unusual connection, despite not meeting face-to-face until the finale.

Now that they have found one another, season two will follow the pair as Geralt brings the princess to his childhood home of Kaer Morhen in an effort to protect her.

As he discovers more about the power that Ciri possesses, he begins to train her so that she can also learn how to protect herself.

Geralt’s friend Nivellen makes debut

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Tormund Giantsbane becomes Nivellen (Picture: Netflix)

Game of Thrones star Kristofer stars in the second season as Nivellen, a character who bears quite a strong resemblance to the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

The story goes that Nivellen was a cursed man who lived in a manor in the woods, scaring children due to his supposedly monstrous appearance.

In the trailer, it sounds as though Nivellen can be heard saying: ‘The world’s acting strange these days. The north and south at war, monsters roaming when they should be hibernating. Maybe it’s the end of days.’

Geralt replies: ‘I’ve lived through three supposed end of days. It’s all horses**t.’

Rience makes a menacing entrance

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Rience may be on the warpath to find Ciri (Picture: Netflix)

Chris Fulton, who played Phillip Crane in Bridgerton, joins the cast as Rience, a mage who in The Witcher story, is instructed to seek out Ciri.

The villainous character has a bit of a history with Geralt, so it’ll be fascinating to see how their connection plays out on screen.

Toss a coin for your Witcher… or five?

My Celebrity Life –
We’ve seen what Geralt is capable of – but how about five Witchers? (Picture: Netflix)

The new episodes of The Witcher are set to delve deeper into Geralt’s backstory, with several actors joining the cast as other monster hunters.

They include Coen, played by Yasen Atour, Lambert, played by Paul Bullion and Eskel, portrayed by Thue Ersted Rasmussen.

Viewers will also be introduced to Vesemir, depicted by Kim Bodnia, the oldest and most experienced Witcher in the Continent.

Yennefer and Ciri join forces

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The moment numerous fans have been waiting for (Picture: Netflix)

Season one of The Witcher ended with Ciri asking Geralt who Yennefer is.

So it was understandably hugely exciting for fans to catch this short glimpse of the pair riding alongside one another in person in the trailer for season two.

While we don’t know yet how the pair are going to meet, hopefully this means that a thrilling Yennefer and Geralt reunion is also on the cards, considering the Witcher is currently under the impression that Yennefer is dead.

Welcome to The Witcher, Lady Danbury

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Adjoa Andoh joins the cast as Nenneke (Picture: Netflix)

Another new character making her debut in season two of The Witcher is Nenneke, played by Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh.

In the lore of The Witcher, Nenneke is a priestees of Melitele, and the trailer reveals that in the series, she’s not going to mince her words when speaking to Geralt.

‘If what you say about that girl’s power is true, you can’t help her,’ she tells the Witcher.

Will the priestess be proven correct? Or can Geralt achieve his mission to keep Ciri safe?

Don’t hurt our Yennefer!

My Celebrity Life –
What is happening?! (Picture: Netflix)

At one point in the trailer, Yennefer has her head gripped from behind by a man, before screaming out in apparent pain.

It’s unclear what is the source of her agony – but we’re hoping her immense powers will be enough to help her get through it.

Leshens take no prisoners

My Celebrity Life –
Geralt faces the creature head on (Picture: Netflix)

After watching the trailer for season two, several fans pointed out what they believed to be a Leshen, a forest monster in The Witcher whose only goal is to kill.

Geralt takes on the monstrous creature with Ciri at his side, slicing off its branches one by one as they face an attack from all sides.

Jaskier is back!

My Celebrity Life –
Everyone’s favourite bard is reunited with Geralt (Picture: Netflix)

What’s a fantasy series without some welcome comic relief?

At the end of the trailer, after showing Geralt fighting monsters and demons galore, the final clip shows the lethal killer being reunited with his ole pal Jaskier, the bard.

Never one to be intimidated by Geralt, Jaskier leaves the cell where he was seemingly being held captive, but not before bidding farewell to his new mates – the mice.

Oh Jaskier, never change.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix with season 2 premiering on December 17.


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