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Frustrated Dan Walker laughs at minister’s answer over mask wearing as viewers slam ’embarrassing’ BBC Breakfast interview

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker couldn’t even try to hide his bemusement when Helen Whately stumbled to answer a simple question on mask wearing after the so-called Freedom Day on July 19.

The Minister of State for Social Care appeared on the programme to discuss how the UK might look after the highly-anticipated day which people hope will mark the end of social-distancing.

One of the main talking points unsurprisingly is the future of mask-wearing and if it will still be compulsory on public transport, in bars, restaurants and various public spaces.

Dan asked if Mrs. Whately would be wearing a mask going forward should the guidelines suggest it is a matter of personal choice.

Her answer? Well, she couldn’t really give one.

 ‘I’m expecting us to have more guidance,’ she said. ‘That will be the basis on which I make a decision but I can’t pre-empt the findings of the social distancing review which are going to be published later and the guidance on this specifically.’

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Dan Walker couldn’t help but laugh at Helen Whately on BBC Breakfast (Picture: BBC)

Frustrated, Dan stressed he was asking about her personal view.

Turns out she didn’t have one.

Bursting into laughter, Dan said: ‘I understand this is a difficult area but the guidance would appear to be, “Do what you chose.” So what would you chose?’

Later, Dan asked Mrs. Whately if she thought it was a good idea that NHS staff in care homes would be required to be double vaccinated.

Once again he couldn’t get a straight answer.

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Helen Whately couldn’t give an answer to simple questions put to her (Photo: BBC)

Straight up laughing at the MP, Dan chuckled: ‘I know we speak to minsters in government most days on this programme, and we do very much appreciate that, but sometimes, I think our viewers would appreciate, sometimes having a straightforward answer to a straight forward question – do you think it’s a good idea?’

Ahead of Boris Johnson’s press conference later today, Mrs. Whately said she wouldn’t give asn answer until the cabinet had those discussions.

Viewers at home were equally annoyed by Mrs. Whately’s responses – or lack of.

‘It’s just embarrassing,’ one audience member wrote. ‘Beggars belief. What was the point of her being on? Waste of time and space other than prove once again this Govt just never instil confidence or trust.’

Another agreed: ‘‘Why even bother interviewing these people? all they do is repeat the party line for the day, whilst avoiding giving any real answers,’ which was followed by: ‘She’ll follow the guidance. The guidance will be ‘personal choice’.

One more vented: ‘Will @Helen_Whately simply then be walking round in circles. Why can’t a minister just answer the question. This wasn’t a “gotcha” aimed question. I’d have much more respect if they just gave an honest answer.’

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

Credit: Original article published here.

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