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‘Funny and relatable’: Fans rave over Munya Chawawa’s ‘hilarious’ YouTube series Race Around Britain

Race Around Britain is a must-see according to fans (Picture:YouTube)

Munya Chawawa’s brand-new YouTube series which sees the star touring Britain and asking the locals questions about Black culture, is already a big hit with fans, to no one’s surprise.

On each leg of his journey across the UK, which includes travelling to South Wales, Manchester, Surrey, and Thanet in his custom van, the comedian uses his satirical expertise and quick wit to have real conversations with different communities about race in Britain today.

YouTube star Yung Filly, real name Andres Felipé Barrientos, featured in the first episode of the four-part series, and the pair was eager to cover all elements related to African and Caribbean culture, as they asked the locals what cocoa butter is used for, while some demonstrated the correct way to put on a durag.

There are also some serious moments within the 30-minute programme, where Munya and Yung Filly share their experiences of getting stopped by police.

Yung Filly explained: ‘I’ll be in the with my friends, no one is doing nothing wrong, and all of a sudden, turn the music down, roll the windows up. Why are we doing that?’

Fans took to Twitter and praised the online star for shedding light on racial issues in a refreshing yet insightful way.




A lot of people are loving Race Around Britain (Picture: Twitter)

One impressed viewer wrote: ‘This is exceptional! More please.’

And another added: ‘Nooo Race Around Britain is actually needed. Too funny and relatable. I love it.’

Munya expressed that although his latest project is his ‘proudest satirical accomplishment,’ he also revealed the series ‘made him cry’ and kept him up till ‘ungodly hours.’

‘Race is a subject many people can feel uncomfortable or nervous to talk about, but everyone loves to laugh – so I wanted to see what happens when you combine the two.

‘Comedy, to me – is a superpower, and sometimes where sensible conversation fails us, I think it’s the only thing that truly helps people understand one another,’ said Munya.

The first episode of Race Around Britain is available on YouTube Originals.


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