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Gaby Roslin recalls bursting into tears amid Dame Judi Dench interview

Presenter Gaby Roslin, 56, opens up on interviewing Dame Judi Dench under her duvet and a manhole nightmare for Robbie Williams.

How are you doing?

I’ve just finished my workout. I do quite a few — Body Coach, Karen Hauer’s from Strictly, who has some great workouts, and Alice Liveing’s as well. I walk every day too.

I was bought a Fitbit four years ago by my husband and it completely changed my life. Before lockdown I was up to nine or 10 miles a day because I walk into London, then to each meeting, then home but now I’m about five miles a day.

You started That Gaby Roslin Podcast last October and it’s doing so well…

I’m really delighted because this is my 34th year in the industry and it’s wonderful when somebody listens or watches. I’m very thankful to still be working in this crazy industry.

My Celebrity Life –
Gaby is wanting to bring fans positivity amid lockdown (Picture: Can Nguyen/REX)

Especially at the moment…

I’m annoyingly positive, I annoy myself sometimes, and I’m incredibly grateful. And now more than ever it’s vitally important to be kind and spread the joy. That’s what we’re trying to do with the podcast.

When we were planning it I contacted the sort of people I’d want — Robbie Williams and Dame Judi Dench — and I got replies straight away. I screamed around the house! Then in came David and Georgia Tennant and Richard E Grant!

My Celebrity Life –
Gaby’s interview with Robbie Williams turned ‘hysterical’ (Picture: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX)

What made you decide on the interview format?

I’ve been an interviewer my whole career. The main premise of it is their life and I ask everyone what makes them properly laugh.

Robbie Williams and I became hysterical about people falling down manholes because he fell down one and a friend of mine did too.

How do you secure your guests? Are a lot of them friends?

Paul O’Grady and I have been friends for 27 years since the Big Breakfast days but otherwise it’s lots of people I’ve interviewed or, like with Sir Michael Palin, I just emailed and I got an email straight back saying, ‘Of course’.

When they say yes, I’m amazed. With Richard E Grant I was like, ‘Really?’

Have you noticed people are happier to chat in lockdown?

People have always chatted to me since I was a child. People on the bus would tell me their life story and they still do. With the radio and podcasts, people are getting used to doing the chats at home too.

They don’t have to go anywhere. We have two huge names coming up and I don’t think we’d have been able to do that if we’d had to get them together.

My Celebrity Life –
Interviewing ‘dream guest’ Dame Judi Dench left Gabi starstruck (Picture: Mark Thomas/REX)

Who have you been most excited by?

I was most thrilled interviewing Dame Judi because I’ve always said she’s one of my dream guests. I was in my bedroom, in my husband’s wardrobe, with cushions around and an old duvet hanging over the wardrobe door, and I just burst in to tears.

I thought, ‘One of my lifelong ambitions has just happened in my bedroom, how weird!’

How has Covid-19 affected your plans?

We were in the middle of doing a live tour of Gaby’s Talking Pictures in the theatre. We did this huge launch show with Stephen Fry and Ben Miller, and then we had the next month lined up with amazing guests so hopefully we’ll be going back when we’re able to. We also had a TV show that had to go on hold.

Has even your positivity taken a hit during this challenging time?

I’ve always looked at the positive spin. Even as a child people used to call me Pollyanna. I’ve known nine people who have died in the past year — not all from Covid but some.

So I ain’t going to complain about being safe or having food on the table and I’m disgusted by the people who don’t take it seriously by not wearing masks, going to parties or complaining about working from home.

All those unbelievable key workers would love to be able to work from home.

Have your daughters been affected much?

My eldest is in year two of university in a house so she’s in lockdown with her best mates, learning online together.

My youngest is 14 and home-schooling on the table downstairs. I make sure we go for a walk every day and then we do silly videos for Instagram, which keeps us amused and all the people who follow me. I just want to keep people’s spirits up.


What are your career hopes?

I want to be doing a live TV show every single day that’s slightly irreverent, makes people happy and spreads the joy. People need things that make them laugh. With the radio show at the beginning of lockdown when everything was back-to-back Covid, I kept saying we need an escape.

Every week I say we’re here for you if you want to talk but we’re your escape from the fear, worry and loneliness by bringing you a bit of craziness — and we get messages from people saying thank you for the entertainment. We all need that.

That Gaby Roslin Podcast is available on all podcast platforms. Episodes are released every Monday.


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