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GB News couldn’t even spell Laurence Fox right – and that’s not even the half of it

In the latest set of blunders made by GB News, it has misspelt the name of Laurence Fox while on air, but this isn’t the first time the channel has made an obvious spelling error.

GB News launched on Sunday night and has had its fair share of teething problems so far, including brands pulling their advertising, people calling in with rude sounding fake names and even a comedian mooning a host and guest.

Last night Laurence appeared on Dan Wootton’s show to discuss whether woke culture has gone too far.

Unfortunately, the channel couldn’t quite get the spelling of his name right in the news bar, as it read as ‘Lawrence Fox’ instead.

Someone in the team seemed to notice the mistake though, as after Laurence was introduced, it was changed to the correct spelling.

This isn’t the first time that there’s been an obvious spelling mistake on the screen during the show.

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GB News can’t get Laurence’s name right (Picture: GB News)

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Newcastle seemed to be a tricky one too (Picture: GB News)

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‘Sterling’ should be ‘Stirling’ (Picture: GB News)

During the same episode, there was a spelling error on the top left of the screen while Dan Wootton spoke to comedian Leo Kearse.

Leo was video calling from Newcastle, which was unfortunately spelt as ‘Newscastle’.

Locations seem to be a tricky one for the GB News team to get right, as this isn’t the first time they’ve spelt a name wrong.

Scottish TV presenter Neil Oliver previously called in to discuss the news headlines from Stirling, a city in Scotland.

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Language seemed to be a hard word to spell too (Picture: GB News)

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Instead of ‘miner’s penison’ it should be ‘miners pension’ (Picture: GB News)

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The screen had another blaring error (Picture: GB News)

Alas, it was written as ‘Sterling’ on the screen.

The spelling issues don’t end there, as when they were discussing the news of miners pension, they instead wrote ‘penison’.

Oh, and there was also a stray apostrophe in ‘miner’s’, as they weren’t discussing one individual miner.

Other mistakes have include ‘quesion’ instead of ‘question’ and ‘langauge’ instead of ‘lanuage’.

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Loose Women’s Janet Street-Porter noticed a mistake too (Picture: Twitter/Janet Street-Porter)

Even Loose Women’s Janet Porter has noted an error, sharing her findings with her Twitter followers hours after the channel launched.

British Army veteran Simon Weston’s name was misspelt when it appeared on screen.

Janet wrote: ‘GB news just spelt Simon Weston CBE’s name as Western… not a great look for a new channel.’

GB News is available to watch on Sky, Virgin, Freeview and online.  

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