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Gentleman Jack season 2 episode 5 recap: Anne Lister’s making new enemies and wedding bells for Marian

It’s been a wild week for Anne Lister (Picture: BBC)

Gentleman Jack saw Marian Lister met with a mixed reception when she revealed she was set to wed – but it seems someone else might have got there first.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) struggle with her underlying feelings for ex-lover Mariana Lawton (Lydia Leonard).

This culminated in a passionate reunion in episode four, where the pair slept together when Lister finally gave in during a visit to Lawton Hall.

However, she immediately seemed to regret her betrayal of her wife Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle), promising she would never leave her again upon her return to Shibden.

This week, fans saw Walker grow increasingly suspicious of what happened during her partner’s trip, while someone else has suspicions of their own when it comes to true nature of Walker and Lister’s relationship – ending with a marriage announcement in the paper.

Meanwhile, Marian (Gemma Whelan) was scolded by her sister when she revealed she planned to marry Mr Abbott (John Hollingworth), who the rest of the family disapproved of.

Ann Walker is becoming increasingly suspicious of her wife (Picture: BBC)

It came amid clear concerns for Aunt Anne Lister’s (Gemma Jones) deteriorating health, and the election frenzy resulting in riots in Halifax – here’s a recap of what happened in episode five.

Elizabeth takes action – but who’s really behind the move?

Walker has been trying to get her division of the estate sorted, so that she can properly carve out a life with Lister.

However, things took another complicated turn this week when she received correspondence from her sister Elizabeth (Katherine Kelly), revealing her plans for their assets.

The letter revealed planned evictions of current tenants, which left Walker concerned about who was behind the idea: ‘I worry about Elizabeth, I’ll never forget that look on her face last time I was in Scotland, she was terrified, I bet there were consequences after I left.

Revealing her suspicions, she shared: ‘If you read the letter closely, you can feel his influence right through it. Little expressions I k now she’d never use

‘The ridiculous delay on responding, that’s him and the distresses to not even discuss it with me before sending an order like that, he’s trying to undermine me, make me thin I’ve asked for something unreasonable

‘Thats very cunning if he’[s done it to coincide with the election, but we’ll ride the storm together. As long as you get what you want art the end of it, it’ll be worth it,’ Lister replied – but will they finally manage to get Walker what she rightly deserves?

Aunt Anne Lister’s health worsens

Dr Sunderland (Tony Gardner) paid Aunt Anne Lister a visit as she remains predominately bedbound by her ailments.

He told Lister of her aunt: ‘The sore is getting larger, her pulse, I’m happy enough with. If she gets through the rest of the winter, I’,m confident she’ll be with us a little while longer yet.’

But Lister later urged her sister not to reveal news of her engagement, it’s clear there’s concern about her health in the months to come, and whether she’ll survive.

Marian reveals her engagement

Marian’s engagement news was not quite met with the congratulations she would have been hoping for.

Announcing her plans to her beloved sister, she said: ‘I shouldn’t wish to deceive you any longer and of course, you are free to Mrs Walker, as she is now part of the family. Father knows too, I told him this afternoon. I have made up my mind to marry Mr Abbott, he has about £2,000 a year before you point out from wool, which if we were to have children wouldn’t be as much as we would hope to, so his intention is to continue his business her in Halifax.

‘Well, you know what I think, you know what I’m going to say, I think you’re making a grave mistake,’ Lister replied, before reminding her there were ‘no circumstances’ under which she would ever inherit Shibden, and urged her to make that clear to her fiancé.

‘You would be marrying so far beneath you Marian, ours is one of the oldest in Halifax, if you insist on this social mismatch you must understand there can be no further communication between us and all ties must be permanently severed, ms walker and I would not attend the wedding,’ she warned her.

But will Marian go through with the wedding?

Walker has her doubts

Fans saw Lister sleep with Mariana when she visited Lawton, after weeks of intense letter writing between the pair…

But Walker now is unsure of Lister’s actions, telling her: ‘You’ve been so attentive since you came back from Lawton Hall. What made you say, “I won’t leave you again,” the moment you got back? When you came back from Lawton, it was the first thing you said.’

‘Only that I’d missed you,’ Lister promised. ‘I didn’t realise quite so much until my eyes fell upon you.’

But her partner was less convinced, sharing: ‘It just struck me when you’ve said it and you’ve not talked about Mrs Lawton since, not once.’

‘You are the only person who matters to me now, this is the future, our future here. You and me,’ Lister replied.

Will the businesswoman ever be able to reveal the truth of her betrayal to her wife?

Who’s playing Lister?

After an intense instalment involving political chaos and riots in Halifax as a result, there was a huge revelation to come in the closing moments.

Mr Washington (Joe Armstrong) called at Shibden to discuss the rents of Walker’s tenants, who were to be evicted, however, he had some more news in store when he flashed the announcement section of a local newspaper.

Reading out the latest marriages, he said: ‘The marriages of Wednesday last… Captain Tom Lister to Ms Anne Walker of Crow Nest.’

This clearly alluded to the union of Walker and Lister, meaning someone is attempting to expose their true relationship, but the pair both played it down.

‘What? It’s a joke, it’s a skit,’ Lister responded, with her wife adding: ‘I suppose it’s quite confusing. It’s very good, it’s very funny. You’ll have to let us have it, Mr Washington, when you’re finished with it.’

But who was behind the mysterious announcement? And who’s got it in for Anne Lister? The list is already pretty long…

Gentleman Jack continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 


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