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Gogglebox cast horrified as man has fluid drained from penis in painful scenes

There was a huge reaction to an absolutely appalling surgery on Friday’s Gogglebox(Picture: Channel 4 )

The cast of Gogglebox were left horrified as a hospital series showed a majorly intimate surgery

The Channel 4 series returned on Friday night where the fan favourite families settled in to watch the week’s biggest showsand news pieces.

Featuring everything from Boris Johnson’s GMB interview to the MP accused of watching porn in the House of Commons, there was one segment in particular that had the cast cringing above all else.

This Came Out Of Me is a brand new documentary series featuring real-life presentations to UK hospitals, and one man appeared in A&E with a fairly embarrassing – and painful – dilemma

His penis had become engorged, painful and swollen, with doctors puzzled at first as to what may have caused it.

There was hilarity on the couches at first as a doctor asked the patient if he had been doing any ‘rubbing’ in the area lately.

The patient had presented with a seriously painful injury (Picture: Channel 4 )
The cast were caught between shock and horror (Picture: Channel 4 )

But the laughter quickly turned to horrified gasps as the patient was told he would have to have the swelling aspirated by a large needle.

The Gogglebox cast shrieked, hid their faces and turned away from the TV as the hospital series showed – in as much detail as possible – the needle going into the, er, affected area.


And it seems the procedure was as painful as it looked, as the patient – understandably – gasped with pain as the doctor noted there was ‘a lot of fluid’ coming out.

The women of the cast were, naturally, horrified, but the men seemed to take the segment personally.

The men of the show were pretty traumatised from watching the aspiration (Picture: Channel 4 )

David from Caerphilly and his wife Shirley, in particular, had a lot to say, as she reminded him of when he had a similar ailment.

She recalled: ‘Your balls were like melons, weren’t they!’

‘Perhaps you’d been doing what he was doing,’ Shirley added, to which a laughing David replied: ‘Too much rubbing!’

Shirley and David poked fun at David’s own former ailment after the segment (Picture: Channel 4 )

The banter proved a hit with Gogglebox viewers, many laughing about the light relief after what was a fairly traumatic viewing experience, with one saying it was Gogglebox ‘at its best’.

‘Gogglebox and This Came Out Of Me was the laugh I needed tonight,’ another said.




It’s far from the first major X-rated scene on the Channel 4 show of late – Gogglebox was hit with Ofcom complaints after showing a ‘traumatising’ scene with a duck which some viewers said ‘scarred’ them.

An episode which aired on April 22 saw the families settle down to watch Apple TV Plus series Roar, which featured a scene with a woman getting intimate with a duck.

The now-notorious duck scene caused a huge reaction (Picture: Channel 4 )

No, really.

Giles and Mary seemed concerned with the technicalities of the situation, with the couple discussing how a duck could use its beak as a ‘penetrative tool’, while most of the other cast were just generally disgusted.

The show has so far been hit with over 200 Ofcom complaints over the scene.

Gogglebox airs Fridays from 9pm on Channel 4.


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