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Gogglebox stars rage at Downing Street after watching leaked ITV video: ‘They can shove their cheese up their a**e!’

The Gogglebox cast were as unimpressed as the rest of the public (Picture: Channel 4)

Public anger at Downing Street following the Christmas party revelations has been reignited after the cast of Gogglebox had their say.

On Friday’s episode, the families watched a round-up of some of the week’s biggest news… and as we all know, it was a fairly busy one.

Tuesday brought the explosive report from ITV where a leaked video from December 2020 showed then-Press Secretary Allegra Staunton laughing about a ‘fictional’ Christmas party at Downing Street which featured cheese and wine.

The Gogglebox cast’s reaction was – as is the show’s defining feature – identical to that of the British public: pure fury and exasperation.

‘We weren’t able to go to each other’s houses and then all them at Downing Street were having a rave-up!’, Helena Worthington raged.

‘Look at them laughing their heads off, the bunch of t***s’, she added.

Helena Worthington went on a stunning rant (Picture: Channel 4)

‘They’re laughing at us, they’re laughing at the NHS and they’re laughing at all the hard work that everybody’s done. They can shove their cheese up their a**e.’

The cast’s responses – particularly Helena’s rant – caused waves on social media, with many taking to Twitter to agree with their comments about the ‘disrespectful’ video.

One person took to Twitter where they quoted Helena and added: ‘#Gogglebox speaking for the whole nation once again on the most important matters of the day’.

‘I 100% agree’, another wrote.

‘As ever #Gogglebox speaking for the British people – seeing thru the cr** that has been spouted from Downing Street this week. “You can shove your cheese up your arse” indeed,’ another viewer commented.

The stars of Gogglebox represent the views of many people in the UK (Picture: Twitter)
One Twitter user claimed ‘they’re laughing at us’ (Picture: Twitter)
The story has been a huge talking point this week (Picture: Twitter)
Helena’s rant caught many people’s attention (Picture: Twitter)
The news story has sparked widespread anger (Picture: Twitter)

Also reacting to the video, Pete Sandiford raged that hundreds of people had died on the day Downing Street allegedly held their Christmas party.

Giles, meanwhile, commented that it appeared it was ‘one rule for us peasants and another rule for the elite’, earning a warning from wife Mary.

The cast’s reaction to the video mirrored that of the public (Picture: Channel 4)

While the Met Police say they will not investigate the alleged party due to ‘a lack of evidence’, the British public are getting their own back.

Over one million people have RSVP’d to a seemingly joke event on Facebook which invites people to a rave at 10 Downing Street on Christmas Eve.

It is being organised by DJ John Mancini, with people urged to ‘bring who you like’ and ‘bring your own nibbles and drink’.

Gogglebox airs at 9pm on Fridays on Channel 4.


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