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Gogglebox’s Amy Tapper reveals weight loss was sparked by not fitting into aeroplane seatbelts: ‘I was so embarrassed’

Amy Tapper has revealed that her recent weight loss came about after she suffered embarrassment while travelling.

The Gogglebox star, 21, revealed that she would have to strategically pick her seats on aeroplanes to ensure she could ask for a seatbelt extender without other passengers hearing.

She told the Daily Star: ‘The hardest times were when I was made to feel embarrassed.

‘Whenever I was on a plane I’d have to ask for an extension for my belt. I was so embarrassed about it, I’d always book an aisle seat so I didn’t have to ask in front of a stranger.

‘And then when I went to Disney with my family, me and my dad had to sit in a different row on a ride because we needed bigger seats.

‘When things like that happen it’s horrible. It makes you feel like you’re not normal.’

My Celebrity Life –
Amy’s lifestyle changes caused her to lose weight the healthy way (Picture: Instagram/ Amy Tapper)

Amy also revealed that she had tried many diets and ‘quick fixes’ for her weight since the age of eight, but things got worse after her family joined Gogglebox in 2013 when trolls would post rude comments.

She explained: ‘I was 13 and I started looking up my name and there was negative stuff.

‘At one point it was quite bad. Everyone said what they wanted. There was bullying.’

My Celebrity Life –
Amy was the subject of online trolling while on Gogglebox (Picture: Channel 4)

The reality star recently revealed her three-stone weight loss, telling that she’d gained a newfound love for the gym.

She explained: ‘I think the gym mainly is what spurred it to properly drop, because I was losing inches as well as weight.

‘That’s what topped it all, just being in that right mindset, in the right zone and doing the right things, eating the right things.

‘Just changing a whole lifestyle rather than doing a really quick fix on shakes and bars that just didn’t… I’d lose two stone and then put it back on the minute I eat an apple.’


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