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Good Morning Britain viewers instantly expose ITV’s April Fools’ Day prank

Good Morning Britain viewers instantly exposed the team’s April Fools’ prank as they pitched a bird-themed Love Island.

Yes, seriously.

Richard Arnold ruffled some feathers during today’s instalment, when he teased the dating show aimed to help pigeons find partners.

‘Following on from the success of Love Island, ITV has now commissioned a big new budget reality dating show with a twist,’ he told viewers, unveiling the aptly-named Dove Island.

‘Apparently it comes after a year of a lockdown which has seen the species become so lonely that telly bosses are now hoping they can help birds of a feather flock together once again, with the show taking place in the Canary Islands, although Turkey was also considered I’m told.

‘An ITV spokesperson said, “We’ve got a brand new entertainment show in the works. Dove Island flies in the face of conventions using the dating reality and nature format.”’

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Richard Arnold struggled to keep a straight face over the prank (Picture: ITV)

Dr Amir Khan then popped up in a pre-recorded video, hooting about the ‘new project’.

‘You’ve all heard of Love Island… Well ITV have a new show coming out called Dove Island,’ he said. ‘We’re going to fly birds in from all across the world, the more exotic the better.

‘Kiwis, ostriches, emus, parakeet, toucans, you name it, we’ll be getting them in to the Canary Islands and we’re going to see whether love blossoms.

‘Who will have a flaming go at it? Who will make a great tit of themselves? Who will stick their beak in where it’s not wanted? And who will circle around like vultures?

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Dr Amir Khan said the show would be a ‘hoot’ (Picture: ITV)

‘Join me, Dr Amir Khan, Dove Island, it’s going to be a hoot.’

To be fair, it sounds like something we would be hooked on.

Richard struggled to keep a straight face as he added: ‘Certainly one to watch, the exact air date is still yet to be announced, but expect it to fly in sometime later this year.’

However, viewers were having none of it, and quickly clocked that Dove Island is an April Fools’ prank.





Flocking to Twitter, a follower penned: ‘Dove Island? C’mon #GMB #AprilFoolsDay.’

‘How did @RichardAArnold keep a straight face promoting “Dove Island” #aprilfool #gmb @gmb,’ another said.

‘Hahaha Dove Island. NICE TRY! APRIL FOOLS. #gmb.’

‘Dove island? Pull the other one #gmb it’s got bells on… #AprilFoolsDay #iaintnofool,’ a Twitter user commented.

‘Just realised it’s #AprilFoolsDay today thanks to #GMB, sitting here thinking what is this s**t (but I would actually watch Dove Island if it was real lol) #goodmorningbritain,’ a viewer replied.

While most people saw right through Dove Island, some fans did fall for it, with one adding: ‘I’m going to admit that I fell for it! Sat here thinking blimey what ever next.’

Good Morning Britain continues on weekdays, at 6am, on ITV.

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