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Good Morning Britain viewers stunned as they ‘spot big cat’ in background of competition segment

Good Morning Britain’s got an exotic surprise on Wednesday’s episode when they thought they had spotted a ‘big cat’ in the background of their competition segment.

Andi Peters hosted this week’s cash giveaway live from Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Hertfordshire, where he took part in a spot of boating.

At the end of his first segment he attempted to show viewers a swan peacefully bobbing on the water.

However on the other side on the bank, viewers tuning in saw a large black shape moving through the trees.

Andi and the crew didn’t see the mystery animal – too busy watching the swan – but people began contacting the show speculating it was a ‘big cat’, prompting even the director to weigh in.

‘Looks like a big cat to me. A Black Leopard or Jaguar. It’s movement is so much like one of those’, one said.



Another said: ‘If that’s a dog, then I’m staying this side of Hertfordshire!! That looks like very large wild cat.’

‘black panther made it’s way to the UK!’ one viewer joked while another commented: ‘Defo big cat and in the same roam of the previous sightings.’

Andi addressed the mystery on air later on, telling hosts Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh: ‘I have some breaking news of my own. Earlier today we were in this very spot on Bury Lake in Hertfordshire, viewers said that whilst I was doing the competition they spotted a black shaped creature on the banks, that then walked off.

My Celebrity Life –

Andi filmed on Bury Lake in Hertfordshire (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

Viewers noted a black shape stalking off through the trees (Picture:ITV/GMB)

‘We have had a look for you guys, we have looked around, we can’t see anything but obviously you all spotted something on the shores. Could it have been someone walking a dog, the word “wolf” has been used. I cannot confirm or deny.’

He then joked: ‘This is the stuff that Countryfile would love. You don’t get this on Countryfile. Viewers that saw something don’t worry, I am safe. My entire crew is safe and we will continue to look in case it is a wolf or a wolf-like creature.’

Series director Erron Gordon tweeted that he had debated the sighting with two of his colleagues, adding he is ‘certain it’s a dog’.

He said: ‘So myself and two of our fab @GMB team @CameronDLWalker & @xemilymulliganx had a look at this post show in the newsroom and I’m certain it’s a dog, Emily and Cameron think otherwise.’


We’re waiting for the launch of a full scale investigation – perfect material for a documentary series…

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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