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Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray accused of being ‘psychotic’ in heated Covid-19 vaccine debate

Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray has been accused of making ‘psychotic’ comments in a debate about the Covid-19 vaccine with political commentator Dominique Samuels.

The pair were discussing whether or not people should ‘unfriend’ others who chose not to get the vaccine alongside former Apprentice star Nick Hewer when things got a little heated.

Speaking about his concerns, Adil said: ‘My worry is inviting somebody over, or if you’re going to be arranging dinner in a restaurant with somebody who has told you that they don’t want to have the vaccine.

‘But you’re introducing them to friends who maybe some of them are vulnerable, asthmatic or they have underlying conditions and don’t want to be around somebody that hasn’t had the vaccine.’

He went on to say: ‘You have a responsibility, don’t you? You can’t just favour one person over the other. I think you have to be quite open and honest in those situations.’

Taking issue with Adil’s comments, Dominique said: ‘I think that you just don’t need to be psychotic and try and control other people’s life choices.’

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Adil and co-presenter Ranvir Singh clashed with Dominique Samuels (Picture: Richard Ainsworth)

Taking issue with the remarks, Adil hit back by saying: ‘Nothing I’ve said is psychotic. What is psychotic about caring for people around you? How does that make me psychotic?’

‘It’s not caring, it’s benevolent. It’s psychotic, and it’s controlling. Some people may not want people may not want to be vaccinated,’ Dominique said.

The UK’s rapid vaccine rollout has so far seen just under 40 million first doses and 25 million second doses administered.

The rollout has been entirely voluntary with a high level of take-up among Brits, despite some anti-vaccine and vaccine hesitancy.

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Dominique Samuels hit out at Adil Ray (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere on the show, Adil appeared to take a swipe at Piers Morgan, making a jibe about people criticising others who say they are experiencing mental health issues.

The presenter seemed to make a thinly-veiled dig at Piers with a comment to co-star Ranvir Singh, which came while the pair were discussing tennis player Naomi Osaka withdrawing from press conferences due to their negative effect on mental health.

Naomi, 23, said she has suffered from depression since her infamous 2018 US Open final win over Serena Williams as she quit the French Open.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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