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Gossip Girl: Questions we have after that Julien and Zoya showdown in episode 1

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We need these questions answered in episode 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot (Picture: HBO Max / YouTube)

***Warning: Spoilers ahead for episode 1 of the Gossip Girl reboot ***

Gossip Girl is back, and she is already causing more drama than we can handle.

After the new reboot series finally launched on HBO Max, fans are obsessed with the scandalous lives of the new iteration of New York’s elite.

The premiere episode saw the relationship burn up in flames, and we are so ready to find out more about what happens next to Julien, Zoya, and the rest of the crew.

Here’s all the question we need to be answered in episode 2…

Can the teachers really be okay with spying on their students like this?

Revealing who Gossip Girl is from the start is actually a pretty fun way to make this reboot series stand out from the original.

However, it’s safe to say that not everyone feels comfortable with the idea that a bunch of adult teachers are running around New York and spying on their teenage students.

The cast might not look like 16-year-olds but that’s the age they are playing on the show. In fact, Zoya is only meant to be 14.

There are so many legal and ethical issues with the premise that the teachers

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Is Kate going to find herself landing in jail for this? (Picture: HBO Max / YouTube)

What exactly is Nate Archibald up to now?

The fact Nate got name-dropped as one of the stand-out alumni in the premiere episode was a little bit of a shock.

In a world where Blair Waldorf exists, Nate is the one who ends up being the star alum? Interesting.

When the OG Gossip Girl series came to an end Nate was the Editor in Chief of The New York Spectator and considering a run for mayor.

Perhaps he went on to forge a successful career in politics and philanthropy.

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Are Audrey and Aki about to call it quits? (Picture: HBO Max)

What happens next with Max, Audrey and Aki?

It’s clear for everyone to see that Audrey and Aki were having relationship problems long before the big hunk of temptation that is Max Wolfe got into the mix.

So what’s next for these two?

Do they just get Max involved to help spice things up? Do they call it quits and sow their wild oats elsewhere for a while?

We can’t wait for the next alert to drop from ms GG with all the tea.

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Why are Monet and Luna so invested in Julien’s brand? (Picture: HBO Max)

Why are Monet and Luna so controlling about Julien?

Watching Luna and Monet lord over the mere mortals is a pleasure to watch but they seem just a bit too bothered about Julien’s influential power.

They clearly have a big input in her styling, content management, and the overall brand Julien has managed to create, but what’s in it for them?

Considering the looks they served in the premiere alone, they could easily branch off and become influencers instead. Hmmm.

Gossip Girl drops Thursdays on HBO Max in the US. It will air on BBC in the UK later this year.

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