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Gossip Girl reboot: Questions we have after Max, Audrey and Aki’s love triangle develops in episode 2

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Gossip Girl is getting messy and we are loving it (Picture: HBO)

***Warning: Spoilers ahead for episode 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot ***

Gossip Girl continues to come through with jaw-dropping plot twists as the reboot series leaves HBO Max viewers clutching their pearls in shock.

The new Instagram version of our favorite sassy gossip blogger might be spilling the tea on Instagram but there’s even more going on behind the scenes that Kate Keller and her group of teachers aren’t aware of.

The scandalous lives of the new iteration of New York’s elite have not failed to shock and surprise after golden couple Audrey Lind and Aki Menzies ended up cheating on each other… with the same guy!

Naturally, we are desperate to know what happens now they’ve both had a taste of Max Wolfe.

Here’s all the question we need to be answered in episode 3…

My Celebrity Life –

The awkward moment when you both cheat with the same guy in your friendship group (Picture: HBO Max)

Will Audrey tell Aki that she slept with Max?

If Audrey does ‘fess up, we have a feeling she’ll be very surprised to learn that her boyfriend had a nearly-naked makeout session with the very same person.

Considering the fact Max seems to have chemistry with everyone in NYC, we can’t tell if he’s actually interested in anything serious with either of his pals right now. So what on Earth happens next?

Are we about to see a throuple rise out of the group?

Why does Audrey’s mom look so familiar?

Younger fans will have instantly recognized the actress who plays Audrey’s mom.

For those who don’t know, Laura Benanti recently starred as Quinn Tyler in the hit series.

However, the Tony-award winner actress is a far cry from her no-nonsense girl boss character as she plays Audrey’s seemingly depressed mom in the show.

My Celebrity Life –

From sisters to love rivals (Picture: HBO Max / YouTube)

Is Obie really going to keep dating his ex-girlfriend’s half-sister?

Maybe it’s just us but the fact Obie has jumped right into a romance with his ex-girlfriend half-sister is just a bit odd.

We know normal rules don’t seem to count as much for New York’s elite but surely this romance isn’t going to be end game.

It’s clear to see that Julien’s besties Monet, Luna, and Audrey aren’t into the potential new couple so will this end up causing a huge rift between the friendship group?

Will Max manage to succeed on his mission to seduce his teacher?

There’s nothing more dangerous than a Wolfe on the hunt and something tells us Max always gets what he wants.

He seems to have met his match when it comes to classics teacher Rafa Caparros, but will he manage to seduce the teacher while he’s still a student?

Somehow we think whatever Rafa whispered in Max’s ear about their post-graduation activities had made Max more eager than ever to get the party started as early as possible.

Can Gossip Girl ever get cancelled?

It’s hard to tell how long Kate and the teachers will be able to wield power through the Gossip Girl account.

However, the fact they’ve just managed to escape their first risk of being canceled and walked away with a blue tick makes us think they won’t stop any time soon.

Gossip Girl drops Thursdays on HBO Max in the US. It will air on BBC in the UK later this year.

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