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Graham Norton confesses simple childhood lie led to him having major operation he definitely didn’t need

Graham Norton has confessed that he once had to go through with an operation he didn’t need because of a lie he told when he was younger.

The TV presenter, 57, had fibbed to his mum about feeling ill so he could skip school, but he admitted his lie got completely out of hand when his mother marched him down to the doctor.

Appearing on Mel Giedroyc’s Unforgivable, Graham was asked to confess his ‘original sin’ and left her speechless as he revealed he went ahead and had one of his internal organs removed to ensure his lie remained fool-proof.

Graham said that when he was seven or eight years old he told his mum he was ill and couldn’t go to school – only for her to seek a doctor’s opinion with Graham then ending up in hospital to have his appendix removed.

He explained: ‘I honestly, only very recently, confessed this to my mother. When I was about seven or eight, I didn’t want to go to school, so feigned illness.

‘I kind of went, “Ow, tummy ache,” so my mother went, “Fine, don’t go to school. Stay there, we’ll go to the doctor,” and I’m thinking, “Oh sh*t,” she’d already done this to my sister and the doctor said don’t waste my time. Stupid child, big row.’

Graham continued: ‘So we go to the doctor, he’s examining me, I go, “ow,” and he said to go and sit in the waiting room. I’m thinking, “this is awful, he’s in there now telling my mother there is nothing wrong with me, I’m going to get in such trouble.”

‘I come back in and he says, “you’ve got something called appendicitis and so you’ll be going into hospital to have your appendix out.”‘

Graham confessed: ‘So now I’m thinking I’m really f**ked because either I have an operation that I don’t need or I tell this doctor that there is nothing wrong with me and I’ve got two very angry adults in the room.’

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Host Mel was left speechless (Picture: Dave)

Asked what he decided to do, Graham causally revealed: ‘So I had the operation.’

He joked: ‘You’ve got to commit I always feel and that’s the mistake other children make. They don’t commit to their lie. I was keeping people employed.’

While on the show Graham also recalled an incredibly awkward backstage encounter he had with actress Jessica Chastain.

He had been interviewing her on his talk show about her movie at the time Crimson Peak, with Jessica remarking she was ‘so bad’ in the film.

Wanting to reassure her Graham said: ‘Oh well, you’re not that bad,’ with Jessica then telling the star that she actually meant she had played a ‘bad person’. Cue the entire audience cringing.

Unforgivable on Dave sees celebrities compete against each other to convince Mel that they are the most ‘unforgivable’ person in the studio, as they revealed their most outrageous stories.

Mel Giedroyc’s Unforgivable airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on Dave.


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