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Grandmother begs for help with popping ‘clown nose’ cyst that ‘glows like a beacon’

A grandmother-of-one is seen begging for help after a cyst full of creamy, rancid pus on her nose leaves her feeling like a ‘clown’.

Jo has had the growth for the past four years on the tip of her nose, with it growing to such a size it’s leaving her self-conscious and fearing infection.

In an exclusive clip of tonight’s Bad Skin Clinic, Jo recruits Dr Emma Craythorne and the team to drain the white pus from her face to get her back to normal.

She is seen explaining: ‘It does make me feel unattractive. My worst nightmare is that it pops and gets infected.

The sebaceous cyst is around the size of a marble, but the weight of it ‘feels like a tennis ball’ with its veiny appearance making her feel like it ‘glows like a beacon’ on her face.

It’s had such an effect on her mental health that she’s scared to take Rosie, her two-year-old granddaughter, to the park over fears that she’ll be looked at.

My Celebrity Life –

Jo said the lump on her nose ‘glows like a beacon’ (Picture: Quest Red)

My Celebrity Life –

After cutting open the nose, the thick pus soon came pouring out (Picture: Quest Red)

Getting emotional as she ‘just wants to be a proper granny’, Jo begs the team for help, and they get to work on removing it.

In the gory video of the surgery, the Harley Street clinicians get to work on the sebaceous cyst – which is a glob of keratin in a sack that fills up like a balloon over time.

Making an incision on her nose, Dr Emma notes the tension of the cyst wall, which is causing the skin to stretch on its surface and causing the vein.

She then pops it, with creamy pus oozing out of it as Jo’s nose begins to go down in shape, and the ball eventually falling out completely – returning her face back to normal.

Though the procedure is definitely not for the weak-stomached, Jo’s confidence is seen shooting up immediately, proud that she has her ‘roman nose’ back.

The Bad Skin Clinic airs tonight at 10pm on Quest Red.


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