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Great British Bake Off 2020 recap: Finalists revealed as Patisserie week sees final elimination

bake off semi final

The Bake Off semi-final got intense as one more was sent home (Picture: Channel 4)

It was the semi-finals on the Great British Bake Off, and Patisserie week was definitely one to remember with a series of divisive challenges.

As Peter, Dave, Hermine and Laura fought for their place in the final, one of them had to be sent home.

Throw in the fact that the heatwave was causing havoc in the tent, and it wasn’t going to be easy on any of them.

Even Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood admitted they were struggling to figure out how they could do it.

Missed last night’s action? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything that you need to know..


Dave got off to a shaky start in this week’s signature challenge (Picture: Channel 4)

Signature Challenge

First off, the team had to create 12 identical patisseries and had 2hr 45 mins to do it.

Cooking in a heatwave meant proving time would be shorter, and the pipeable dough they had to create was volatile in the heat of the tent.

Hermine made cream and apricot baba with rum, complete with piped chantilly cream and tempered chocolate, which went down well with the judges.

Laura pauched pineapple kiwi and passion fruit rhum babas but Prue and Paul weren’t happy that there wasn’t a uniform look to them all.

Dave, whose babas was soaked in honey tequila, mango and passion fruit was told that it was sensational and fun look, but Paul said: ‘I think it’s lovely but doesn’t ‘get’ the curd that sat on the bottom of the bowl.’

Peter was the only one that went non-alcoholic for his choice – choosing strawberry and elderflower babas.

peter bake off

Peter won the technical challenge (Picture: Channel 4)

Technical Challenge – Danish cornucopia 

Traditional danish celebration cake dubbed the ‘horn of plenty’, there were innuendos a-plenty for this technical challenge.

Set by Paul, the challenge was meant to be methodical and about precision.

At presentation, Dave found himself getting mocked after accidentally serving it upside down.

Laura also didn’t do so well, serving hers partially raw and coming in last.

On the other side of the scale, it was Peter that came top of the class.

peter bake off

For the showstopper, the team had to create a cube cake made of smaller cubes (Picture: Channel 4)

Showstopper – Cube cake

For the showstopper, the final four had to make a cake comprised of at least 25 mini cube shaped cakes.

Extra marks if everything in the cake was balanced, the cakes needed to be sharp and uniform and neat. 

Paul added that he was looking for artistic flair as well as baking skills.

Dave fared pretty well with his ‘celebration of chocolate’, with melted caramel centres that left Paul singing his praises.

Laura’s black forest cube cake struggled in the heat, with Paul saying the heatwave ‘took its toll’ on the look of her patisseries, especially as her mirror glazr failed to take and so the presentation was sloppy.

However, they loved the flavour and Prue said it was ‘worth the calories.’

Peter again kept Prue and Paul happy with his pistachio and raspberry offerings, but Hermine was also in trouble, as the weight of the cakes began to collapse the balance of the cakes, and too much gelatine leaving the baking stodgy.

Prue told her that her cake ‘by Hermine’s standards, was a failure’ – leaving her worried for her spot.

Bake Off 2020

Who made it to the finale and who had to leave? (Picture: Channel 4)

Finalists revealed

The judges had a tough decision to make – and eventually were split between which of the guys took the top spot, and which girl to send home.

After weighing up their options, it was Peter who won Star Baker – but poor Hermine was sent packing.

‘When I go home and I have time to reflect, there will be a lot of happy memories,’ Hermine said.

Dave, Laura and Peter are now going to fight for the top spot in the finale next week.

The Great British Bake Off continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.


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