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Great British Bake Off: Star Kim-Joy in tears as she quits exercise class over ‘bullying’ instructor

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The Bake Off star was angry but happy that she took a stand (Picture: Metrograb/Instagram/kimjoyskitchen)

Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy Hewlett walked out on an exercise class after calling out an instructor on his ‘bullying’ behaviour.

The baker and cookbook author, 30, posted a snap of herself on Instagram crying in her car after the encounter, but said she ‘felt good about it’.

She labelled her tears ‘mostly angry cries, as well as disappointed cries’ but also ‘most importantly happy cries because I stood up for myself’.

Kim-Joy explained: ‘I walked out, and I called him out on his behaviour.

‘Whereas the old me would’ve been afraid of the confrontation, and just stayed and accepted being bullied, but I know now that I have self worth and I’m not sticking around to be treated like that.’

Later on her Stories, Kim-Joy detailed how it had been her first time going to that particular exercise class, and that she had been ‘looking forward to it’.

She expanded on the situation, after saying she was now able to talk about it ‘without crying’.

Describing herself as ‘really not good at exercise’, Kim-Joy said she was used to ‘always’ being the worst in the class but liked to attend previous classes for ‘inspiration’ and ‘community spirit’.

As her old place had closed, she was trying a new class, but was upset when the instructor accused her of ‘p***ing about’, despite her explaining her difficulties to him with exercise ahead of the class starting.

My Celebrity Life –

Kim-Joy encouraged people to not feel worried about standing up for themselves (Picture: Sandra Rowse/Shutterstock)

The 2018 Bake Off contestant alleged that the instructor asked her if she was ‘making s*** up’ and criticised her technique to fellow class members.

Not satisfied with his response after questioning what he had said about her, Kim-Joy decided to leave.

Kim-Joy clarified: ‘I’ve never walked out before because I’ve never had such a bad experience.’

The baker was also ready to turn her negative experience into a positive rallying cry as she reminded her followers on her post that it was ‘good to have boundaries, and it’s good to say no to toxic people and situations’.

She continued: ‘I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t!!! ?? also, I know there are tons of amazing inclusive and body positive gyms and classes, so will just be taking myself elsewhere.’

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