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Grey’s Anatomy fans fear the worst for Meredith as they notice alarming similarity to Mark Sloan’s death

*** Warning: This article features spoilers for Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy ***

Grey’s Anatomy left fans on yet another cliffhanger in the Season 17 mid-season finale as viewers wait to see if Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will die from coronavirus.

The last episode in the year began with Meredith appearing to make progress in her recovery as she was finally awake and alert enough to interact with others.

She even managed to get up and save another patient’s life during a ‘Covid high’ before things took a distressing turn and Meredith collapsed.

Due to her lungs severely damaged and her vital signs dipping, her colleagues were forced to put her on a ventilator.

The intense scenes gave some fans unwanted flashbacks to the death of one of the show’s beloved doctors, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane).




After surviving the plane crash in Season nine, Mark had a momentary surge of energy where he seemed to be okay before he suddenly crashed and was pulled off life support.

The parallels between Mark and Meredith’s suituations left Grey’s fans terrified for the surgeon as one wrote: ‘PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT THE SURGE LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK!!!? @GreysABC @EllenPompeo #GreysAnatomy.’

Another tweeted: ‘i think i’ve seen this film before, and i didn’t like the ending #GreysAnatomy.’




While one added: ‘Y’all thought Meredith would be okay because she was awake and talking, but have you forgot what they did to us with Mark Sloan? I HAVE NOT!! @GreysABC @shondarhimes @EllenPompeo’

Another stated: ‘Don’t tell me Meredith is gonna pull a Mark ? #GreysxStation19 #greysanatomy.’

We just can’t believe we have to wait until March to find out if Mer is okay.




The possibility of Meredith dying has led to increasing speculation about whether the show could come to an end next year.

The likes of Ellen Pompeo have admitted anything is possible, while her co-star Chandra Wilson refuted rumors and said she believed the show will go on.

However executive producer Andy Reaser shared future details about how things are being approached about the show’s future.

Reaser told Entertainment Tonight: ‘Not to get too hung up on words, but there’s a difference between an ending and the ending. Elements of this season definitely involve an ending.’

In fact, the season’s plotline is slight in flux due to the unpredictable nature of filming amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

When asked about the series ending, showrunner Krista Vernoff told Variety: ‘”I don’t know” is the honest answer. I don’t know. And so, I planned a phenomenal season, and I’ve planned what can be a season finale or what could be a series finale.

‘I never really believe it’s really over until everybody sits me down — they’re all going to have to come together and sit me down and tell me it’s really over.’

She continued: ‘But you always have to plan for both contingencies. We have a plan for how the season is going to end, and I feel really good about that plan, but I will say that at this point in any given season, we usually have a plan for where the season is going to end and it doesn’t always end where we think it will. So, you never know.’


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