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Gyles Brandreth flips out in red wig and tells people to ‘get a life’ after calling someone bald is ruled sexual harassment

Gyles Brandreth has urged people to ‘get a grip’ after calling someone bald was ruled sexual harassment by a tribunal.

The ruling comes after electrician Tony Finn had complained about being called a ‘bald c*** during his time at West Yorkshire-based British Bung Company, where he worked for 24 years before being fired last May.

Mr. Finn claimed he had been a victim of sex harassment, due to comments made about his lack of hair and it was ruled that as hair loss is far more common among men than women, the insult counted as a form of discrimination.

Gyles didn’t react well to the news, donning a bright red wig and insisted people need to ‘get a life’.

‘No! Get a grip! Get a life! A lot of us are bald, I just have to live it! Of course, I don’t like living with it,’ he laughed as he put the wig on. ‘But really, we have got to get a grip haven’t we?’

He called on people to be “‘more resilient’ and learn to take some things ‘on the chin’.

Gyles didn’t agree with the ruling (Picture: ITV)

‘What’s wring with being bald?! What’s wrong with being follically challenged,’ he ranted. ‘I think we’ve got to become more resilient and robust… As a rule, I think we’ve got to take it a little bit more on the chin than we do.’

And he pointed to the way people can struggle with ‘extremes of any kind’.

He suggested: ‘Human beings find extremes of any kind very difficult. Marilyn Monroe – incredibly beautiful, but not very happy. Actually, you’ll find people who’ve got blemishes are easier to relate to.’

The panel – led by Judge Jonathan Brain – had been tasked with deciding if calling someone ‘bald’ amounted to a simple insult or harassment.

In their ruling, they said: ‘In our judgment, there is a connection between the word ”bald” on the one hand and the protected characteristic of sex on the other.

‘[The company’s lawyer] was right to submit that women as well as men may be bald. However, as all three members of the tribunal will vouchsafe, baldness is much more prevalent in men than women. We find it to be inherently related to sex.’

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