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Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs joins Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast from Hogwarts

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs took a trip down memory lane back to his days playing the nefarious Lucius Malfoy in the magical film franchise when he appeared on BBC Breakfast from Hogwarts.

A decade after the final Harry Potter film was released, Jason, 57, is hosting a quiz in aid of the British Red Cross to test which Potterheads will be able to tell the difference between Bowtruckles and Blast-Ended Skrewts.

Ahead of Sunday’s quiz, the Star Trek Discovery actor appeared on BBC Breakfast, where he spoke to Dan Walker and Louise Minchin about the ‘extraordinary’ Red Cross and what quizzers can expect from the virtual event.

As he tuned in via video chat, it was revealed that Jason had chosen a familiar Harry Potter location for his Zoom background – the Great Hall in Hogwarts, where his on-screen son Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and nemesis Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) enjoyed many a banquet during their time at school.

‘It’s a magnificent backdrop you’ve got for us this morning Jason,’ Dan remarked.

Gesturing at the students sitting at the tables of their respective Houses in the picture, Jason replied: ‘They’re having a hard time keeping quiet, but it’s alright I’ve got the sausages on the go.’

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Jason Isaacs appears far friendlier than the menacing Lucius Malfoy (Picture: Warner Bros/BBC)

After watching a clip of himself in character as Lucius when he first meets Harry in The Chamber of Secrets, Jason joked that while his co-star Daniel has since aged, he hasn’t ‘changed one cell’.

One BBC Breakfast viewer tweeted that Jason ‘wins 2021 best Zoom background’.

They added: ‘Although should it have been Azkaban?…’ in reference to the isolated prison for witches and wizards, given Lucius’ close affiliation with Voldemort.

‘I’m a sloth in the morning. But when my husband shouted “JASON ISAACS IS ON TV!”, I bolted out of bed and legged it downstairs so fast he couldn’t believe it. Do it. #JasonIsaacs – National Treasure and Amazing Alarm Clock,’ another person remarked.

Revealing more about the upcoming quiz on the morning show, Jason explained that it’s an event that both diehard Harry Potter fans and people who don’t know much about the wizard’s adventures will be able to enjoy.



Admitting that even he might struggle to answer some questions, he said: ‘Well, first of all, it’ll be a quiz obviously if you know a lot about Harry Potter, that’ll be great.

‘It’s also for people who don’t know a lot about Harry Potter, there’ll be some stuff that’s guesswork. There’ll be some stuff that no one could possibly know because only I know them, behind the scenes things and then there’ll be some stuff that’s just fun.’

Stating that the quiz will ‘break up the tedium, certainly in my house, of arguing over what you’re going to watch on the telly’, Jason added: ‘It’s to give us something else to do on a Sunday night, something that’s a laugh that brings the family together.’

In a tweet posted after the show, Dan said that he’s ‘putting in a request to the boss that we have Jason Isaacs on every morning on #BBCBreakfast at 7:50’.

A magical guest indeed!

BBC Breakfast airs every day from 6am on BBC One.

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