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Heated debate sparked over The Office UK and US remake – which is better?

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There has been a huge debate over the Office UK and the US version once again (Picture: BBC)

Comedy fans have reignited the debate between the Office UK and the US remake, and the discussions are rumbling on.

It has been 20 years since Ricky Gervais wrote and starred in the original series, introducing us to the truly outrageous David Brent.

Steve Carrell took on the role of his equally ridiculous counterpart, Michael Scott, in the US version shortly after, with a heated conversation about which one is better raging on ever since.

The conversation made the rounds once again on Twitter over the weekend, when a user shared a grab of Ricky’s tweet, which read: ‘If you’re offended by the things I say, try to imagine the s**t I just think.’

Alongside the message, Twitter user @Sarklor wrote: ‘Ricky Gervais wrote an office comedy so boring that the US remake is considered vastly superior.’

Of course this was all-but-guaranteed to spark a frenzy on social media as many jumped into their mentions to have their say.

My Celebrity Life –
Fans had their say on whether the US version is better (Picture: NBC)

Flocking to defend the original TV show, one replied: ‘I’m sorry but the UK Office is unique and it genuinely brilliant. The American Office devolves into a sitcom with cartoon characters.’

‘Only by people who haven’t seen, or don’t understand, the original,’ another fumed.

‘Vastly superior!?! If by that you mean taking an original concept, realising in the first series you haven’t got the ability to pull it off and then reverting to mass market humour then, yeah it’s vastly superior,’ a follower argued.

‘I speak as one who greatly enjoyed both for different reasons.’

‘Yeah no. Nobody considers the US version to be “vastly superior”,’ a fan responded.

However, some appeared to agree with the original poster, with a Twitter user quote-tweeting their post with: ‘But when I say this people don’t believe me.’

We’re going to use this moment to have another binge watch of both…


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