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Here’s why The Boys season 3 won’t include that intense Homelander and Solider Boy sex scene

That Homelander and Soldier Boy scene won’t happen in The Boys season 3 (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

A huge moment from The Boys will not make it into season 3 as the Amazon Prime Video series reaches ‘Herogasm’.

For those who haven’t read the Garth Ennis graphic novels in which the TV show is adapted from, Herogasm follows the supes as they lie to the public, claiming to be fleeing earth to combat an alien threat when, actually, they’re all off to have a massive week-long superhero orgy.

Now The Boys is notorious for taking television to absurd new heights – from blowing a hero up with a butt bomb to killing off a horny dolphin – but there was one huge moment from Herogasm which hasn’t made the cut.

Fear not, there is a Herogasm themed episode in episode six of season three, but it won’t include Homelander (Antony Starr) convincing Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) to sleep with him to get a spot in The Seven.

‘I love that scene and it’s hilarious, but for a dozen reasons, all of which will be revealed when you see the season, it ultimately just didn’t track,’ showrunner Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly.

‘We talked about it. It conflicted with a lot of the other things we were trying to build with Soldier Boy. So, unfortunately, that one had to go.’

This didn’t make the cut (Picture: DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT)

In the TV adaptation of The Boys, Soldier Boy would never succumb to Homelander game play.

He’s pretty unstoppable, perhaps the biggest threat to mankind and Homelander yet.

Eric recently told that despite working with Jenson on Supernatural, the actor still had to ‘fight’ for his place in The Boys.

‘He had to really audition, he really had to prove himself with all the executives at Amazon and Sony and everything, so he fought for the role,’ Eric said.

‘It’s a larger than life character, but he has to be equal parts charming, and at times funny, but it really menacing and scary and slightly off kilter so you just need an actor who can really paint with a lot of colours.

‘The expression I use is “they need a lot of crayons and their crayon box,” and Jensen does that. I’ve never thrown anything at him that he can’t handle beautifully and so I just said, “whatever is going to happen with his character, I know he’s gonna be able to execute it.”’

The Boys season 3 launches June 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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