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His Dark Materials star Dafne Keen makes link between show and role in Wolverine film ahead of season 2 finale

Ahead of the season two finale of His Dark Materials, lead actor Dafne Keen has made a connection between the hit fantasy show and the role she previously played in Wolverine film Logan opposite Hugh Jackman.

During season two of the BBC series, an adaptation of Philip Pullman’s celebrated book trilogy, viewers witness the daemon of Lyra Silvertongue (Dafne) take on several new animal forms as she evolves as an individual.

In the world of His Dark Materials, a daemon is a physical representation of a person’s soul, which can assume various animal forms before settling on one when an individual becomes an adult.

While taking part in a recent Q&A session on the official His Dark Materials Twitter account, Dafne, 15, was asked which of her daemon Pantalaimon’s animal forms is her favourite.

‘The wolverine, definitely – for obvious reasons!!’ she responded.

As those who have been following Dafne’s acting career will know, the young actor made her feature film debut in 2017, when she starred opposite Wolverine actor Hugh in X-Men film Logan.


In the film, Dafne plays Laura, also known as X-23, who is the biological daughter of the titular character, having been created from his DNA.

She therefore shares the same mutant abilities as her biological father, with the ability to heal rapidly, in addition to boasting adamantium claws.

Several His Dark Materials fans expressed their delight over Dafne overtly connecting her daemon’s wolverine form to her memorable film role.

Dafne proves she can be just as ferocious as Wolverine in Logan, opposite Hugh Jackman (Picture: Marvel/20th Century Fox)

‘It’s in her genes as X-23!’ one person tweeted.

‘Omg her answer. Bring them back to me please,’ another wrote, alongside a gif of Dafne and Hugh in the film, which marked his final appearance as Wolverine.

During a recent interview with Deadline, Dafne recalled the lessons she learnt from Hugh while they were working together, with the Oscar-nominated actor telling her that he ‘tries to talk to everyone on set’.

‘Hugh is one of the most humble people,’ Dafne said.

‘I thought, “That’s what I want to be. I don’t [want] to be one of these mega superstars who are divas, and go into their trailer, and don’t socialise with anyone.’

On Sunday evening, the season two finale of His Dark Materials will air on BBC One.

With Lyra and Will Parry (Amir Wilson) now in the company of witches, will they manage to stay out of the grasp of the conniving Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson)?

The season two finale of His Dark Materials airs on Sunday at 7.10pm on BBC One.


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