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Holly Willoughby apologises as interview with ‘Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ secret son’ descends into chaos and swearing

Holly Willoughby was forced to apologise on this This Morning after the wife of a man claiming to be Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ secret love child swore live on air.

Phillip Schofield and Holly were forced to cut the interview off when the wife of Simon Dorante-Day joined the zoom call and yelled: ‘Stop treating indigenous people like s**t!’

The outburst was in response to an increasing argument between Simon – who believes he was given up as a child by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall – and Royal biographer Robert Jobson who didn’t think it was logistically possible.

Simon was met with skepticism at claims that he was part of the Royal bloodline and that he ‘had proof’ – despite the case being thrown out of Australian courts numerous times.

Stating his grandmother told him the truth on her death bed, he adds that he remembers meeting them in Australia as a child.

Simon later claimed that the Royal family covered up his existence by lying about the year Charles and Camilla met, and made him have his eye colour changed at the age of eight to make the relation less obvious.

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Simon Dorante-Day is convinced he’s the love child of Charles and Camilla (Picture: ITV)

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Simon believes his children bear a striking resemblance to the Royals (Picture: ITV)

The Australian later presented photos of his children which he believe ‘look just like the Queen’ only to be told by Phillip that it was a ‘stretch’.

Simon also stated that they had ‘arranged to have his teeth ground down’ and demanded a DNA test so he could know he truth.

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Phillip dismissed the photos and said they were a ‘stretch’ (Picture: ITV)

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A chat with historian Robert descended into chaos (Picture: ITV)

When Robert jumped in by stating his claims ‘sounded like something out of a James Bond movie’, the pair then started arguing over each other.

Robert argued that it would mean he was conceived in 1965 – when Charles was 17 and still in school at the time of conception.

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Holly eventually had to cut the interview off (Picture: ITV)

At the time Camilla, 18, was a socialite. It’s believe the pair met through mutual friends in their early 20s in 1971.

Phillip later tried to diffuse the situation, only for Simon’s wife – whose face wasn’t visible on screen – to step in and start yelling too.

When she swore, Phillip and Holly pulled the plug on he interview entirely, with Holly apologising for the bad language.

Phillip ended he call by stating: ‘That wasn’t very Royal of you.’

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