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Holly Willoughby consoles This Morning caller sick with Covid-19 as they burst into tears

Holly Willoughby helped to console a caller on today’s This Morning who burst into tears over becoming ill with coronavirus.

On today’s show, Holly, Phillip Schofield and Vanessa Feltz received a call from Sandy, from Flintshire, who wanted to wish her husband a happy ruby wedding anniversary ahead of the milestone on Sunday.

As the presenters marvelled over Sandy’s 40-year marriage, she revealed that for the past two weeks, she and her partner have been suffering from Covid-19, with the pair currently wrapped up in blankets.

Following Sandy’s admission, she burst into tears on the phone, prompting Holly, Phillip and Vanessa to express their concern.

‘Oh darling, are you ok?’ Holly asked her compassionately.

Vanessa then chimed in, stressing the fact that when people contract coronavirus, in addition to the physical impact, many also feel ‘miserable’.

‘I’ve just been feeling really nauseous with it,’ Sandy said, adding that her husband has had a bit of a cough.

‘We’re feeling normal in the head, but the body just feels like you’ve been in a tumble dryer,’ she stated.

Phillip offered some comforting words to Sandy, encouraging her to take things ‘day by day’.

‘At least now you’ve got something to look forward to on Sunday, even if you are wrapped up in blankets,’ he said.

‘You’ve had each other for 40 years and how wonderful that is.’

‘Ah well, that’s debatable,’ Sandy mischievously responded, causing Holly, Phillip and Vanessa to burst into laughter.

One This Morning viewer paid tribute to Sandy on Twitter, wishing her and her husband a happy anniversary.

‘Oh Sandy, you made me cry, then made me laugh out loud!!’ they said. ‘Bless you, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!’

Earlier this week, a viewer called into This Morning to tell the show about how she feels ‘guilty’ while trying to homeschool her children as her husband remains paralysed in hospital.

Kathryn, from Lancashire, explained that her husband, who is 44 years old, suffered a stroke ‘out of the blue’ in October.

‘Kathryn, you’re coping with all of this as well. You must be worried about your husband, it’s massive question mark up there, you know, “What’s the long-term future going to be?”,’ agony aunt Deidre Sanders told her.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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