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Holly Willoughby in tears as she and Phillip Schofield lose it over woman’s fart videos

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield couldn’t keep it together while interviewing a woman who sells videos of herself farting.

Emma Martin blew up for blowing off and now makes £3000 a month selling the rather noisy flatulence clips to men online.

She appeared virtually from the US on Monday’s episode of This Morning with Holly getting the giggles before it even began, and Phillip nicknaming the guest ‘Farting Martin’.

The presenter apologised to Emma for laughing so early but did defend herself explaining ‘Farting is funny’.

The pair had the uneviable task of navigating the rest of the segment, asking questions about how she got started, who buys her videos and whether she has a special diet to produce the most sellable fart.

Emma explained she has been making webcam videos for 20 years before coming across fart fetishes in 2005. Two years later she put clips up for sale and has been doing it ever since with a fair bit of success.

Holly couldn’t keep it together (Picture: ITV)

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield couldn’t handle it (Picture: ITV)

Emma explained she makes thousands a month from her videos (Picture: ITV)

‘It’s very much a sexual thing for these guys,’ she said of her clients.

Asked if she had to eat certain foods beforehand, Emma shared: ‘I do eat a lot of salads and avocados. When I was pregnant I fell in love with coleslaw and baked beans and I’ve loved that ever since. That does the job.’

The pair went red in the face with laughter (Picture: ITV)

Holly began laughing as soon as the interview started (Picture: ITV)

‘I have to time the videos, I never do it when anyone is home. I time it based on what I’ve eaten.’

She added that it is not just pictures of her dressed in normal clothes and farting. Sometimes she gets requests to wear a certain outfit or be in a certain room.

The presenters wondered if Emma had ever ‘let out a big one’ and regretted not capturing it for a video.

She struggled to go to an ad break (Picture: ITV)

Phillip got the giggles (Picture: ITV)

‘100%’ she replied, ‘and there’s times I’ve let out a big one and thought, “Damn if I was home that would be good.”‘

This Morning viewers will know that once Holly and Phil start laughing there’s no stopping them, and their infectious fits of giggles continued after the interview was over.

The pair turned red in the face and struggled to read their cues to go to an advert break, but managed to compose themselves for the rest of the episode as they watched James Martin cook and played Spin To Win.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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