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How Love Island’s Davide Sanclimenti ‘used crotch’ to grab Gemma Owen’s attention during that painful date

Love Island’s Davide Sanclimenti seemingly used a special tactic involving his crotch in order to catch Gemma Owen’s attention during their very awkward lemonade date last night.

Fans saw Davide, 27, choose to couple up with Gemma, 19, earlier this week, after she’d initially been paired with Liam Llewellyn, 22, by the public.

After the islanders made their attraction to each other clear, the show whisked Gemma and Davide off for their first date, where they got to have a go at making lemonade, for some reason.

However, many viewers noticed that the pair didn’t seem to be having that much fun getting to know each other, as it’s been reported Gemma’s set to express her interest in Luca Bish in tonight’s episode.

But after their date, it seems Davide was unwittingly using a method to keep Gemma interested, according to body language expert Judi James.

Speaking exclusively to for this week’s episode of Love Or Lie Island, Judi analysed the date for us all.

Gemma and Davide went on a date last night (Picture: ITV)
The pair got to make lemonade together (Picture: ITV)

She said: ‘Watch the very start of that conversation, because he plays her like an emotional fiddle. She’s expecting him to be all gushing… she didn’t use eye contact, he sat facing front.

‘He got a big cushion and put it over his crotch and put his hands over his crotch and folded his hands over his crotch.

This is all called an ignore and it’s a very good way to get some way to pay attention. If you suddenly look away and act distracted, they try and get your attention back again and that’s exactly what she did,’ she told us.

Judi recalled Davide’s teasing, where he told his date ‘I’ve changed my mind’, and added: ‘He was joking but her head slapped around like a whip. He got her eye contact.’

The body language expert admitted she thinks Gemma is ‘too young to be on a programme like Love Island’ before noting her personality would probably suit someone more like Liam, who she initially coupled up with.

‘At 19 she probably doesn’t need to be with someone… more experienced,’ Judi continued. ‘She obviously wants to be with someone like Liam who will just vibe puppy dog sort of thing.

‘She’s being quite smart and controlling but he’s smarter and that worries me slightly.’

Fans have already pointed out the ‘problematic age gap’ between the pair, who have eight years between them.

After Davide chose to pair up with Gemma, one Love Island fan tweeted: ‘All I know is someone better tell Davide Gemma’s age before he picks her because it might be problematic for him on the outside.’

Another joked: ‘The age difference between Gemma and Davide is the whole Obama administration Nah that can’t run between them two.’

‘Gemma 19 and Davide 27 can’t get my head around the age difference put that child down,’ one said.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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