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‘I definitely did some crying between takes’: Mae Martin on power of self-exploration with non-binary Feel Good season 2 storyline

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Mae Martin’s character in Feel Good comes out as non-binary (Picture: Netflix)

Mae Martin has opened up about the power of exploring their real-life non-binary gender identity in the upcoming series of Feel Good.

The comedian came out as non-binary in April, sharing they are ‘attracted to people of all genders’, adding that being ‘referred to as a female comedian or a lesbian comedian’ is ‘inaccurate’.

They also said that they haven’t been ‘clear’ with their friends about their preferred pronouns until now.

Mae’s character on the Netflix show Feel Good, who is also called Mae, also comes out as non-binary in the upcoming second season.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of its release, Mae said writing the show has been helpful in their own self-exploration.

‘I’m figuring out in real-time with the character and the series,’ Mae told us. ‘I guess in season one, it introduced that character experiences gender dysphoria and things that I have experienced my whole life and then heading into writing season two it was a good catalyst to thinking about it in my own life as I had to think about how that character is going to resolve that tension and anxiety in that area.

‘So, I had to do some introspection.’

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Mae has (Picture: Netflix)

When asked whether it was difficult to share deeply personal aspects of their identity with the whole world, Mae confessed it was tough at times.

‘I definitely did some crying between takes,’ they said. ‘I was sort of an emotional wreck, but I did find it very gratifying as well and it made for a really meaningful process.

‘It’s weird, it’s stuff that I grappled with my whole life, so it’s not new stuff for me. It’s new to voice, I guess. Some of the stuff I haven’t said to my closest friends or family, so it was strange saying it for the first time.’

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(Picture: Netflix)

Mae’s co-star Charlotte Ritchie, who portrays their on/off partner George, stressed how important it is for herself and her character to be continuously considering the perspectives of other people.

‘I think it’s very easy to whittle through life often never being asked an questions about your sexuality or gender, who are you, what are you,’ she noted.

‘I think having a vessel like George to represent so many people who never have to think about that stuff is very useful for the audience and very generous of Mae to give that person some kind of representation too.’

Feel Good arrives Friday June 4 on Netflix.

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