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Ibiza Weekender’s Vidmante Bukelyte missing for six days after meeting ‘secret man in a van’

Ibiza Weekender star Vidmante Bukelyte has gone missing after meeting a man in Liverpool.

The 21-year-old reality star, who appeared on the ITV2 party show in 2018, was last seen on Thursday night after meeting a ‘man with a van’.

She has not been seen for the past six days, with friends saying her vanishing is unusual.

Police are now asking for anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

Paul McCabe, Vidmante’s best friend, said she told him she was meeting a secret man in a bid to travel back to Lithuania.

However, since meeting up with the mystery male she has not contacted any friends or family and her phone has remained off.

Vidmante was last seen in a grey jacket and jeans – but had a suitcase with her (Picture: instagram)
Vidmante appeared on Ibiza Weekender in 2018 (Picture: ITV)

‘It is very unusual behaviour and very out of character as she would never be off her phone as it’s her life,’ he said.

‘The phone hasn’t been on since Thursday which is very concerning for the people who know her.

Her friend is wanting to make sure she is safe after vanishing (Picture: Picture)

‘We are at a loss and we do not know what else to do.’

Vidmante was last seen wearing a grey jacket and blue jeans, and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

However, she may have changed as she was seen with a suitcase before she vanished.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101, quoting reference 457 and her name. 


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