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I’m A Celebrity recap: Beverley, Jordan and Vernon win 10 stars in first gruesome eating trial

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Vernon was one of the celebrities taking on the first eating trial (Credits: ITV/REX)

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here is hitting its stride, with the third show of the new series arriving last night.

The campmates took part in the first eating Bushtucker Trial of 2020, with Beverley, Jordan and Vernon taking on gruesome Welsh ‘delicacies’.

Elsewhere, there were A-list celebrity anecdotes and side challenges for celebs to get stuck into.

But what exactly happened on last night’s show?

The Eat Your Words challenge

My Celebrity Life –

Giovanna and Hollie took on the first Castle Coin challenge (Credits: Kieron McCarron/ITV/REX)

After a morning which saw the campmates keep busy by tidying up the camp, Hollie Arnold and Giovanna Fletcher took on the first Castle Coin challenge of the new series.

The pair headed to one of the rooms in the castle, where they found a painting of the campmates, each with holes where their mouths should have been.

Hollie and Giovanna were then given 10 balls, each of which had a quote from one of the celebrities written on them. They then had to put the correct quote into the corresponding hole.

After successfully completing the challenge, they were given castle coins to spend in Ye Olde Shoppe. There’s no Kiosk Kev on the show this year, but instead Kiosk Cledwyn was ready to meet them and phone through to the camp for the first quiz question of the series.

When asked what percentage of British people talk about the weather once a day or more, the campmates were giving the option of 26% or 44%.

The camp incorrectly chose 44%, and Kiosk Cledwyn closed his shutter immediately. Hollie and Giovanna were left to break the bad news to camp.

Frights of the Round Table

My Celebrity Life –

The first eating trial of the series was one to remember (Credits: ITV/REX)

Beverley, Jordan and Vernon had a restaurant reservation for three on Tuesday’s show, with Ant and Dec welcoming them to take part in Frights of the Round Table.

The first eating trial of 2020 saw each celebrity face at least two dishes each, with another four dishes served at random.

They also pointed out that Beverley would be served slightly different dishes, as she’s a vegan – which some viewers weren’t happy with.

First up, Vernon at a plate of sheep brains, which tasted like it had been ‘left in the sun for five weeks festering’.

Beverley also polished off a vomit fruit ‘vomlette’, taking a leaf from Jordan’s book and thinking of her ‘happy place’ in Spain with her husband. Jordan then took on a plate of goat eyes and managed to claim a third star for camp.

My Celebrity Life –

The celebrities were faced with gruesome dishes (Credits: ITV/REX)

Things stepped up in the next round, with Vernon taking on ‘Turn Nips Pie’, which turned out to be a cow’s teat. He described it as ‘mouldy cheese mixed with burnt tyre rubber’, saying it was ‘the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten in my life’.

Next up, Jordan drank a glass of fermented catfish purée, before Vernon finished off a dish of deer testicles on the second attempt. Beverley then finished a plate of fermented plums, which ‘tasted like old socks with vinegar on’.

The rest of the trial saw Jordan finish off a sheep’s penis and Beverley eat fermented tofu, before she admitted: ‘I’ve only been vegan since March.’

Finally, Jordan was tasked with eating a cow’s tongue. He got the dish down and managed to win the final star, meaning the three celebs had secured all 10 stars for camp.

Speaking after the trial, Beverley said: ‘I’m really proud and I couldn’t have chosen two better blokes to do it with, they looked after me and I loved it.’

Shane feels the need for speed with Tom Cruise

My Celebrity Life –

Shane once went go-karting with Tom Cruise (Picture: Rex)

Meanwhile, Shane had been keeping campmates entertained by haring an incredible story about the time he went go-karting with Tom Cruise.

Shane revealed that the actor joined him for a late-night racing session in 1999 while he was filming Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman.

‘We’d race til 5 in the morning,’ Shen said. ‘He was a speed freak. He didn’t care about danger. We got chatting, just a couple of times and had drinks,’ he said. ‘We’d talk about stuff but mostly about go-karting.’

Vernon also had his own A-list story up his sleeve, telling the campmates about meeting Brad Pitt in Marks and Spencer.

He said: ‘I had my face in the veg and I saw this figure coming to the door and I recognised it straight away. I looked and it was, it was Brad Pitt.’

Vernon added: ‘And that very afternoon I went to my favourite DIY shop to pick up a few bits and as I’m crossing the road, Kate and WIlliam stopped in their Range as I’m crossing the road. What a day.’

Dinner time

My Celebrity Life –

It was a happy camp on Tuesday’s show (Credits: ITV/REX)

The campmates were a lot happier with their dinner on Tuesday night’s show than they were on Monday, with the celebrities given quail to enjoy together.

The team worked to prepare the meal, with AJ and Jordan washing the quails in the courtyard.

Victoria spoke about dinner, saying: ‘Another massive group effort by everyone, chopping, frying, boiling, spooning – it’s a team effort.’

New campmates

My Celebrity Life –

Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson are joining the show (PIcture: ITV)

Finally, the arrival of two new campmates was teased on Tuesday’s show, with Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson set to enter the castle as latecomers.

They will be joining all the campmates for an as-yet unrevealed trial to welcome them into the camp.

With both being stars of the stage, we have a feeling it’ll feature some kind of theatrical twist.

But we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues daily at 9pm on ITV.


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