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I’m A Celebrity recap: Russell and Ruthie get sneaky as Jordan wins 12 stars for camp

Russell Watson took on secret tasks on Thursday’s show (Credits: ITV/REX)

I’m A Celebrity got a little sneaky last night, with Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson taking on a series of undercover tasks.

Jordan North was thrown into the deep end once again with a terrifying trial, but did fantastically well for his fellow celebs.

Meanwhile, stars were in emotional moods after receiving their luxury items from home.

But what exactly happened on last night’s show?

Ruthie takes on her first secret task

Ruthie way in mischievous mood on I’m A Celeb (Credits: ITV/REX)

Ruthie had a shock after waking up in camp, when the portrait of a jester in the courtyard started talking to her.

She was assigned a series of secret tasks to undertake. If she completed them all correctly, she’d win all the celebrities luxury items. If anyone of her campmates realised what she was doing, no-one would receive their items.

First up, Ruthie had to get Jordan to massage her feet. After seeing him walk into the courtyard, she asked him if he ‘had strong hands’ and if he could massage her foot because it felt locked.

Jordan massaged her feet and the first part of her task was complete, winning four luxury items for camp.

Castle Coin Challenge and the second secret task

Could the celebs fool their campmates? (Credits: ITV/REX)

The jester told Ruthie to bring in Russell for the second part of the challenge. Their next task? To convince their fellow celebrities to give Kiosk Cledwyn the wrong answer on purpose.

A while later, Shane Ritchie and Beverley took part in the Castle Coin Challenge, which involved a spot the difference game. They were each presented with a shed containing a random assortment of objects.

They managed to complete the task after spotting the differences between the two, with Shane leaving viewers in stitches with his 50 Shades comment.

Kiosk Cledwyn gave Beverley and Shane the option of ready salted crisps or custard creams and they went for the latter.

Cledwyn then called the camp for the quiz question, with Ruthie and Russell ready to sabotage the answer.

They were asked what the first name of Shakespeare was when he was baptised – William or Walter. Ruthie and Russell convinced the camp to go with Walter, which was incorrect.

The celebrities were disappointed to have missed out on the treats, but Ruthie and Russell successfully won four more luxury items for camp.

The final secret task

The pair deceived the camp to win luxury items (Credits: ITV/REX)

Russell was told by the jester that for the final task, he’d need to convince the camp that he’d seen a ghost.

The singer went over to his bed and screamed loudly, causing all the other celebrities to run over. He told them he’d just seen the ghostly figure of an old woman looking at him.

Most of the celebrities were scared after hearing the story, although Victoria Derbyshire didn’t buy it and said ‘ghosts do not exist’.

After winning all the luxury items for camp, Ruthie and Russell revealed the truth to the camp, who broke into hysterics.

Jordan takes on the Trapped Door trial

Jordan took on Trapped Door on Thursday (Credits: ITV/REX)

Jordan was nominated once again for the Bushtucker trial, and he admitted to being apprehensive about it.

‘I’m nervous but I’ve got to do it. Now more than ever I’m going to give it my best shot and you’ve just got to switch off,’ he said.

Ant and Dec explained that the trial would involve heading into an underground tunnel. There, he had to lie flat on a trolley and pull himself through using a rope.

There were stars located sporadically through the tunnel, each with their own challenge. He wasn’t alone either, with maggots, mealworms, crickets and cockroaches thrown over him as he went along.

Jordan took on his fears on the show (Credits: ITV/REX)

Jordan excelled himself and managed to win all 12 stars for camp. ‘I cannot believe I got 12 stars. I’m chuffed to bits. I can’t wait to go back to the camp and tell the guys,’ he said.

The campmates were ecstatic for Jordan. Vernon Kay said: ‘He’s come back with 12 stars but most importantly of all he came back a completely different person.’

Jessica Plummer said: ‘We’re just so proud of him. Forget the food, it’s not about the food. Jordan, vomit off the side of a cliff edge Jordan, got a full house all by himself. It’s incredible.’

The celebs receive their luxury items

The campmates were in emotional mood (Credits: ITV/REX)

After a dinner of squirrel, the celebrities received their luxury items from home.

Sir Mo Farah had a picture drawn by his children, Vernon got a blanket that his family used at home, Jordan got a Burnley scarf and AJ got curl cream for his hair.

Victoria was emotional after receiving a picture of her family, while Hollie Arnold got a dressing gown, Beverley Callard got a hairbrush and Shane got his daughter’s shower gel.

Jessica was also emotional after receiving a mug with a photo of her daughter on, while Ruthie got mascara and Russell got a pillow that had travelled the world with him.

The celebs were in great spirits in the camp (Credits: ITV/REX)

Finally, Giovanna revealed she’d chosen the chance to have a song of her choice played in the camp a total of three times. It was S Club 7’s Reach for the Stars, and the campmates all danced around together after the song played for the first time.

Victoria said: ‘It was so uplifting, a touching few minutes that I’ll never ever forget.’

I’m A Celebrity airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV.


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