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I’m A Celebrity: The most dangerous Bushtucker trials ever revealed – and who faced them

My Celebrity Life –
No thanks… (Picture: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! has featured some grisly Bushtucker trials down the years and while few ever put the celebs in real danger, there’s always plenty of potential risks.

Whether it’s the dreaded eating trials, being covered in creepy crawlies, or being submerged in total darkness with some furry critters for company, they’re one of the biggest reasons viewers keep coming back for more.

However, some celebrities have taken on seriously scary challenges from series gone by.

Now, life insurance experts at I’m Insured have analysed some of the most fearsome trials from years gone by, conducting research using the HASpod risk assessment calculator to rank their safety.

They analyse them based on their unpredictability, as well as the likelihood and severity of injury or death.

With anticipation higher than ever ahead of the series’ return, look back at some of the most challenging trials in the show’s history – from least to most dangerous.

6. Frightening Feast

My Celebrity Life –
Giovanna Fletcher took on some gruesome grub last year (Picture: ITV)

Of all the challenges on I’m a Celeb, it’s the eating trials that provoke the biggest reaction – especially when it results in stars being rushed to hospital.

In the 2011 series, stand up comedian Freddie Starr needed medical care after being rushed to hospital with suspected food poisoning after eating a ‘dodgy’ fermented egg during a trial.

While the show does a lot to ensure hygiene of food, bacteria is much harder to detect, and that’s what makes this one of the most dangerous.

Risk level – Low (2.33/10)

5. Fill Your Face

My Celebrity Life –
Rather you than us… (Picture: ITV)

This, truly, is the stuff of nightmares.

Back in 2011, professional athlete Fatima Whitbread had to flush out a cockroach from her nose when it crawled up there during the Fill Your Face trial.

Essentially, celebs had a glass fish bowl placed around their head, before having it filled with creepy crawlies. While it’s a more frightening than it is actually dangerous, potential ‘low’ risks include bug bites and blocked orifices. Nice…

Risk – Low (2.67/10)

4. Celebrity Cyclone

My Celebrity Life –
It wouldn’t be I’m a Celeb without the cyclone (Picture: ITV)

Everyone loves the Celebrity Cyclone, and it marks the business end of the series as the stars reach the latter stages of the show.

The idea of taking on a slippery assault course might be more inviting than taking on bugs or snakes, but it has tripped up stars in the past – quite literally.

John Barrowman injured his ankle during the trial back in 2018 as he scrambled up the wet assault course to collect and hold onto stars. According to the new research, the Cyclone has a big chance of causing injuries such as slips, bruising, broken bones or in the worst case, head trauma.

Risk – Medium (3.33/10)

3. Viper Vault

My Celebrity Life –
Jordan North found his ‘happy place’ last year (Picture: ITV)

Would you agree to be locked in a vault while snakes are fed in one by one?

One of the most memorable moments from the 2020 series saw Jordan North find his ‘happy place’ as he took on the trial to win stars for camp, instantly endearing himself to the viewing public.

As well as being absolutely terrifying, there are risks too. The unpredictability of the creatures means that stars might need to defend themselves from bites, or even see snakes try to strangle them. There’s also risk of zoonotic diseases which can be passed from reptiles to humans.

Risk – Medium (3.44/10)

2. Sub-Merged

My Celebrity Life –
Joey Essex took on the trial in 2013 (Picture: ITV)

For many watching, underwater trials are the ones they would dread the most. There was no underwater trial after the show moved from Australia to Wales, but don’t be surprised to see some this year.

However, back in 2013 when Joey Essex took part in the Sub-Merged challenge, he told viewers he ‘feared for his life’ as he was submerged in water to find stars.

Campmates who do take part in underwater trials are at a ‘medium’ risk of drowning, outer ear infection known as ‘swimmer’s ear’ and underwater critter bites.

Risk – Medium (3.67/10)

1. The Abseil

My Celebrity Life –
Getting into camp is a challenge in itself (Picture: Kieron McCarron/ITV)

As it turns out, the most potentially dangerous trial actually takes place before stars even make it into camp.

In the first trial in every opening episode, the contestants are required to abseil or skydive their way into the camp or castle – with Jordan North infamously throwing up during last year’s series. It’s usually a skydive, but the 2020 series saw campmates abseil off a cliff.

It’s not without its perils either, with campmates exposed to a number of potential hazards including anchor and equipment failure. Other risks include being hit by dropped equipment and rockfall, and that’s what makes this the most dangerous trail faced by celebs.

Risk – Very High (6.22/10)

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts on Sunday November 21 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.


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