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I’m A Celebrity’s biggest ever feuds: From Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb’s big bust-up to Kim Woodburn and Katie Price’s cat fight

My Celebrity Life –
It’s not always plain sailing in the camp (Picture: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! has brought us plenty of unexpected friendships and even relationships over the years – but campmates don’t always get on so famously.

Whether it’s in the Australian outback or the Welsh wilderness, with so many dominating characters involved in the programme it’s no surprise that things occasionally get a little tense.

With meagre beans and rice on the menu, intense heat and boredom setting in among the show’s stars, there will always be friction.

Over the show’s two decade history we’ve seen everything from catty arguments, right up to full blown rows and even threats of violence on the programme.

From alpha posturing to constant clashes in the jungle, these are the biggest feuds in the show’s history.

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb

Homes Under the Hammer’s Martin and actor Larry came to blows several times on the show, with Martin claiming he thought Larry didn’t like him and picked on him throughout the series.

Things might have gone deeper than viewers thought at the time, after Martin claimed that the campmate ‘threw random foul-mouthed insults’ at him in scenes the public didn’t always get to see.

‘Larry tried to undermine me and the group and he tried to turn people against me. I’ve heard that he actually said on camera that I was a ‘f lower middle class snob’. I don’t understand what that is. But clearly it’s not very nice,’ he told the Sunday Mirror.

Martin went on to say on one occasion, Larry called him a ‘f***ing t***’ which he says was unprovoked.

Andrew Maxwell and Ian Wright

There were some big personalities in the 2019 series, and things got uncomfortable when Andrew confronted Ian during one particularly feisty evening while preparing dinner.

After the camp erupted in a sexism row, Andrew said the former footballer was ‘singling him out’.

Standing up to Ian, he said: ‘You keep shouting at me Ian.’

‘Who is shouting, when did I shout?’ Ian hit back. ‘I wasn’t even talking to you, what did I say?’

My Celebrity Life –
The pair clashed on the 2019 series (Pictures: ITV)

Things carried on later when Ian said: ‘What are you talking about, I didn’t shout at you.’

After the pair rowed, Andrew said: ‘I’m sorry, I’m really tired, I don’t know, I’m really tired… I’m not going to cry, I’m sorry.’

They both hugged each other and agreed that the tiredness and hunger had got the better of them both.

‘You’re my pal and I’m just really sensitive,’ said Andrew, during one of the more tense moments from recent years.

Edwina Currie and Kendra Wilkinson 

There was no love lost in 2014, after Edwina Currie and Kendra Wilkinson clashed constantly on the programme. While there was no big moment that saw the feud spark, resentment built up over time and things even spilled over after the programme aired.

Speaking after leaving the jungle on eviction show I’m A Celebrity: Coming Out, former Playboy bunny Kendra said: ‘My god. I have no sympathy towards her.’

Asked about a comment Edwina made about her, Kendra said: ‘She’s a coward because she can’t say that to my face. She might want to grow a heart and learn how to learn about others. I don’t come from luxury like her.’

My Celebrity Life –
The pair definitely didn’t get on (Picture: ITV)

Not holding back, she added: ‘I mean she’s gross, she’s a gross person. To be honest with you I won’t even be able to look at Edwina again. I thought we’d got over it, I thought things were better but I guess they aren’t.’

Edwina had a few things to say about Kendra too, saying: ‘For a start, she’s not a proper celebrity, I’m sorry but she isn’t.

‘She has her own programme on her own channel and she has an audience of about a million, and in America you’re a star if you’ve got an audience of 30 million.’


Kim Woodburn and Katie Price

Kim doesn’t suffer fools gladly at the best of times – never mind after weeks with little food in the Australian rainforest.

She snapped back in 2009 after campmate Katie Price said she was in the jungle for ‘some peace’ – calling her a ‘publicity seeker’ during an argument.

‘You live and die for publicity and you do it well. As Shakespeare once said, “We fear you protesteth too much”.

Kim went on to say: ‘Look at her little face, “I’ve come in here because I want some peace”. You know full well you’ve got 10 to 12 million people watching every night and you know, madam, you’ll be all over the papers every day. Now stop it. Stop your nonsense.’

Janice Dickinson and Lynne Franks

Two huge characters went up against each back in 2007, after Janice Dickinson and Lynne Franks ruffled feathers with their arguments in the jungle.

Lynne, eventually, had enough and broke down in tears. She hit out at Janice by saying: ‘You’re one of the most horrible people I’ve ever encountered.’

Janice then called her a ‘witch’ before taking the very unexpected step of threatening to fry up her ‘big old boobs’ and serving them to the campmates.

Erm, ok…

Janet Street Porter and Brian Harvey

My Celebrity Life –
Janet didn’t hold back on the programme (Picture: ITV)

After weeks of intense proximity, the smallest things can irritate the life out of the campmates – and the smelliest things, too.

Janet Street Porter took exception to East 17 star Brian Harvey’s loud farting on more than one occasion during their stint back in 2004.

Brian kept breaking wind around the campfire while she was cooking a meal, and she didn’t stand for it.

My Celebrity Life –
Oh Harvey… (Picture: ITV)

‘Listen, don’t do that when we’re cooking. It’s so inappropriate,’ she said.

‘Janet, we’re f***ing outside,’ he answered.

‘Perhaps you can come and cook dinner tomorrow night, and I’ll come and fart in your face!’

‘I need to f**k*ng fart because all I’ve eaten is f***ing beans!’ he hit back.

Safe to say, the whole thing stunk the place out.

David Van Day and Nicola McLean

Dollar and singer David Van Day and model Nicola McLean were at each other’s throats from day one on the ITV programme back in 2008.

The pair managed to argue about anything and everything, and their time together was littered with clashes.

Things reached a head after Nicola was voted out, warning the other campmates: ‘Watch out everyone, there’s a snake in the camp.’

Rhona Cameron and Nigel Benn

The show nearly had a full on scrap on its hands in 2002, after Nigel Benn got so wound up that he nearly threatened fellow celeb Rhona Cameron.

An argument broke out between the boxer and the Scottish comedian after he criticised her ‘constant moaning’ and she in turn accused him of being homophobic.

She then hit out by saying: ‘Why don’t you go and read your Bible? Actually why don’t you f*** off and leave?’

Nigel replied: ‘You’re lucky you’re not a man or I’d knock you, sparko.’

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! launches on Sunday November 21 at 9pm on ITV.


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