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‘I’m up s**t’s creek!’ Charlotte Church in panic over finances as she spends fortune renovating wellness centre

Charlotte Church has been frantically panicking about her finances in the very first episode of her reality TV show after investing £1million to open a wellness retreat in Wales.

The child star turned pop rebel launches her new series, Charlotte Church’s Dream Build, which follows the 35-year-old as she transforms a 16th century mansion formerly owned by designer Laura Ashley into a flashy retreat, pumping her life savings into the project.

However, in a moment of panic about her bank balance, the singer admitted: ‘If we don’t get it done by the start of June I’m up sh*t creek without a paddle! I’m in a lot of trouble.’

Explaining that she is stuck with a £750,000 as well as a £300,000 investment from her mother Maria and stepdad James, she added that she ‘gave them a whack of money when I was a teenager’.

‘It blows my mind and fills my heart that I own it now,’ she said. ‘My biggest project is about to begin. I have pretty much spent my entire life savings on this.’

As well as the main property, there’s also a barn and stables in the grounds to be converted with costs thought to have reached £1.2million.

Charlotte Church is throwing everything at renovating her dream wellness centre (Picture: Really)
We’re pretty excited to relax at Charlotte’s retreat, tbh (Picture: Really)

While treating viewers to a tour of the house, Charlotte confessed she underestimated quite how much work was needed – and how much it would cost.

‘I am obsessed with nature and want to make the most of Rhydoldog’s magical landscape,’ she enthused. ‘It’s dreamy but a bit of a nightmare house, not looking her best.’

After finding fame at 12-years-old when she released her global best-selling album Voice of an Angel, Charlotte was estimated to be worth around £25million.

The stunning mansion was once owned by renown designer Laura Ashley (picture: Really)

She’s now thought to have a net-worth of £5.6million but previously insisted she needed to ‘work hard’ to find her ‘lifestyle’.

The singer hopes to a ‘zero-emissions, off-grid’ healing retreat centre.

Charlotte previously said: ‘There’s 47 acres of magical wonderousness in mid Wales. We are going to set up a small democratic community here for the next year basically.

‘We are going to be focused on different wellbeing practices like meditation and reconnection with nature. Probably do a bit of chanting at dawn.

‘Send us an application if you are interested in living in a community, doing things a bit differently and reconnecting with yourself, with community and with nature.’

Watch Charlotte Church’s Dream Build ion Discovery’s Really channel on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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