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Innocent series 2 episode 2: Is Matty Taylor’s dad involved in his murder as Ellie Rawnsley’s Anna faces police scrutiny?

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A massive secret emerges from Matty Taylor’s parents (Picture: Steffan Hill)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Innocent series two episode two.

Years after the murder of 16-year-old Matty Taylor, a crime that resulted in teacher Sally Wright (Katherine Kelly) being sent to prison, new evidence has been uncovered in series two episode two of Innocent.

Having previously claimed to have seen Matty and Sally kissing in a car, hairdresser Anna Stamp (Ellie Rawnsley) faces thorough police scrutiny as the nature of her own relationship with the murder victim is explored in the ITV crime drama.

A massive secret kept hidden by Matty’s parents for years also comes to light, one that could result in new suspects being brought into the fold.

So is Matty’s dad involved in his death, why did Anna have such a fixation on her schoolmate and does Karen (Priyanga Burford), the fiancée of Sally’s ex-husband Sam Wright (Jamie Bamber), have a secret agenda?

Is Matty Taylor’s dad involved in his death?

This is of course a two-fold question, as viewers came to discover in the latest instalment.

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Sally was originally charged with Matty’s murder (Picture: Steffan Hill)

After Matty’s parents hinted that they weren’t entirely honest with the police during the first investigation into their son’s murder, it turns out that John Taylor (Andrew Tiernan) isn’t actually Matty’s biological father.

While John and his wife Maria Taylor (Lucy Black) claim to not know the identity of Matty’s biological father, who was supposedly a one night stand, at the end of the episode, John charges into a bar in a drunken rage, pummeling an unknown man.

Could John have had something to do with Matty’s murder… or could this unnamed man actually be the one involved?

Does Karen have another agenda?

By the time Sally returns home after her prison stay, her ex-husband, Sam has moved on and is engaged to Karen, a woman they knew while they were married.

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Karen is extremely protective of her fiancé Sam (Picture: Steffan Hill)

While it may seem understandable that Karen would be wary of Sally, given the accusations previously made about her and the fact that she used to be married to her fiancé, Karen acts in an overly aggressive manner when the two of them come face to face.

After entering the house where Sally is staying unannounced, Karen warns the teacher to stay away from Sam, threatening her after slapping her across the face.

Is it simply jealousy and paranoia fuelling Karen’s actions? Or is something else going on that we’re yet to find out?

Why did Anna have such a fixation with Matty?

At the time of Matty’s murder, Anna, who was a classmate of his, said that she saw him and Sally kissing in her car.

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Anna appears distraught over Matty’s death (Picture: Steffan Hill)

However, after unearthing new evidence, the police inform her that her allegation doesn’t check out, as the road where Matty and Sally were supposedly seen was closed at the time.

What’s more, despite people thinking that Anna and Matty weren’t close when they were at school, it turns out that she had an obsession over the murder victim, dating him briefly in Year 11 and even carving his name into her chest.

Why did Anna develop such a fixation over Matty? And could the fact that she lied about him and Sally mean that she’s covering up something else that happened prior to his death?

Innocent returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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