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Innocent: Viewers shaken by finale twist as Sam exposed as killer – ‘I didn’t expect that!’

Sam was exposed as the killer in tonight’s Innocent finale (Picture: ITV)

ITV’s Innocent finally solved the investigation into Matty Taylor’s murder in scenes that aired in tonight’s final episode – and viewers were left in disbelief over whodunnit.

After four gripping installments, Sam was exposed as the killer with police quickly cottoning onto his fake alibi that he was with Aaron, a man he was working with in his role as a probation officer.

In a shocking reveal, Sam explained that he had embarked on a relationship with Matty and ended up killing him to save himself from having to come out.

‘I would never have hurt Matty but I have lied about who I am and for that I’m so ashamed, I wanted to be a good husband to you,’ he told his wife.

‘I never meant to hurt him, I told him I couldn’t keep seeing him, but he wouldn’t accept it, he said I was hurting him, you and myself, it was all so simple for him.

‘He was drunk and past caring, he accused me of abusing him and screamed at me he was going to tell everyone who and what I was.’

Police arrested Sam as soon as he confessed to Sally (Picture: ITV)

Sam added: ‘I don’t remember picking up the bottle or going after him, I don’t remember hitting him with it, I just remember the surprise on his face afterwards, I just wanted to stop him Sal.’

Immediately after coming clean to Sally, police arrived to arrest Sam on suspicion of murder and viewers were shaken.

‘I have to say, I really enjoyed that from start to finish,’ wrote one. ‘What a twist at the end.’









Echoing a similar sentiment, another penned: ‘Now that was a twist! Didn’t expect that as a reason. So I guessed correctly it was #Sam but thought it might have been due to him suspecting Karen was having an afffair with Matty. Doubt if anyone guessed the real reason.’

Innocent is available to stream on the ITV Hub.

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