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Inside Dubai viewers gobsmacked as man reveals he spent $9m on car number plate: ‘Obscene!’

Abu Sabah has quite the car collection (Picture: BBC Two)

Inside Dubai viewers were in utter shock learning about the lives of the unbelievably wealthy in the United Arab Emirates, with one man revealing he dished out a cool $9million (£6.6million) on a car number plate.

In the first episode of the BBC Two programme, audiences were introduced to the lavish lifestyles of millionaires in Dubai, with one woman boasting the luxury of owning a wardrobe worth £4million and a teenage billionaire opening up about his hobby of wrapping supercars.

At one point in the show, a man called Abu Sabah was introduced as someone who ‘became the most talked-about man in the city’, due to the feature he purchased for his Bentley.

Abu explained that on a previous occasion, he wasn’t allowed into a hotel despite having a nice car, which is when he was informed that his number plate wasn’t ‘nice’ enough’.

He was told that a ‘nice number plate’ would only feature two digits, and so he went on to buy the number plates 48, 49 and 27 for his car collection.

However, he didn’t stop there, as his ‘best’ number plate, the most expensive in the world, features just one digit – the number five.

So who has 2, 3 and 4? (Picture: BBC Two)

When Abu was asked if the number plate is worth more than the car, he replied: ‘Of course. The car is only $800,000, but the number plate is $9million,’ the equivalent of just under £7m.

He added that the ‘most prestigious’ number plate in Dubai features the number one, which no one can buy as it belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

People watching at home were astounded that a number plate could cost so much, with one tweeting: ‘9 million dollars for a number plate??? Obscene!’

‘£6 million on a number plate? A NUMBER PLATE??? Just for the “look at me” bragging rights?’ another wrote, expressing their hope that Abu also makes ‘regular charitable donations’.

Another individual shared their disdain, criticising ‘people with that much money and that little sense’.





The first episode of Inside Dubai took viewers behind-the-scenes, showing them what it’s like for the uber wealthy in the region as well as the people who work for them.

The second episode is due to share an insight on the property market in Dubai, with a British property tycoon’s employees earning several hundred thousands of pounds when they make a single sale.

The third instalment will take a closer look at the people who visit for holidays, as they continue to do so all year round.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, several celebrities have caught flak from members of the British public for jetting off to Dubai while the rest of the nation remained in lockdown.

Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


Credit: Original article published here.

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