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Jeremy Clarkson flummoxed as WWTBAM? contestant clueless on first question walks away with staggering cash prize

My Celebrity Life –

Jeremy couldn’t believe how well Conor did after his disastrous start (Picture: ITV)

A Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant left host Jeremy Clarkson absolutely stunned when he began the night struggling to answer the easiest of questions before walking away with a massive sum of cash.

On tonight’s WWTBAM?, Conor Kim was the second player to take the hot seat after winning the Fastest Finger First round.

Despite having an air of confidence about him, when Jeremy presented him with the very first question for £100, asking which famous Keith was a member of the Rolling Stones, Conor was stumped, much to Jeremy’s bewilderment.

Conor admitted that his biggest fear had been needing a lifeline for the first question, as the Clarkson’s Farm star made a face at the camera, stifling his chuckles before bursting into laughter.

Jeremy revealed that he could hear the crew also laughing over the unfolding before them, as Conor exasperatedly stated: ‘God I’m going to look like an idiot on TV.’

After asking for Jeremy’s assistance, Conor – obviously – got the question right, as the presenter remarked that Conor will be ‘remembered for many years’.

My Celebrity Life –

As soon as Conor saw the first question, his face dropped (Picture: ITV)

My Celebrity Life –

Jeremy tried – and failed – to stifle his laughter (Picture: ITV)

Then, much to Conor’s horror, he ended up needing another lifeline for the second question, as he didn’t know off the bat that the phrase ‘spending a penny’ was an old-fashioned way of saying someone needs to go to the toilet.

So after a rocky start, Conor was on his way. But while some might have thought that he was going to crash and burn pretty quickly, he persevered, with his impressive store of knowledge resulting in him eventually reaching the question for £250,000.

Having used up all of his lifelines, Conor didn’t want to gamble guessing on his final question and so made the wise decision to leave with a whopping £125,000.






WWTBAM? viewers couldn’t believe how well Conor did after his disastrous start, while Jeremy also expressed his delight over being able to hand over the huge sum of money.

‘This lad is honestly a legend,’ one person tweeted.

‘I’ve never seen someone play #whowantstobeamillionaire like this’ someone else remarked.

Another Twitter user predicted that ITV are ‘going to make a 3 part dramatisation of this in 15 years’, while someone else praised him by stating: ‘Flipping hell, well done Connor, this has been amazing.’

Jeremy was right on the money when he said that no one’s going to be forgetting Conor anytime soon.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? returns next Saturday at 9pm on ITV.

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