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Jeremy Clarkson goes behind the scenes of ‘alarming’ Grand Tour explosion

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken about his chaotic behind the scenes experience filming the Grand Tour’s recent beach explosion, saying it was an ‘alarming’ moment.

The presenter narrowly avoided being blown up in the latest Amazon Prime Video special A Massive Hunt as he searched for treasure.

After lighting sticks of dynamite on a beach in Madagascar, Jeremy raced against the clock to get his car and away from the scene. While he thought he had a full three minutes to escape, the explosion went off much quicker than expected, and he was lucky to get away unscathed.

Thankfully, Jeremy wasn’t hurt in the explosions, and his car helped avoid any damage to his hearing too.

He told The Express [via Grand Tour Nation]: ‘The Bentley has got double glazing which deadened the sound somewhat.

‘There was a bit of an alarm at the speed that fuse went. But, yeah it was a thorough test, let’s put it that way.’

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The presenter lit dynamite on the special (Picture: Amazon Prime)

In The Massive Hunt, Jeremy, Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy search for treasure in Madagascar with the help of modified cars, one of which Richard managed to write off during the challenge.

Rather than using more traditional methods for treasure hunting, they decided in true Grant Tour fashion to go big and bring in the heavy explosives.

‘Never mind these metal detectorists, they want to get out there with some dynamite,’ Jeremy added.

Meanwhile, in one of the strangest stories of the year so far, Jeremy recently had a church named in his honour in Uganda after visiting the town of Jezza.

The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt is now available on Amazon Prime Video


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