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Jeremy Vine co-host reveals clever hack to stop your Christmas cake drying out because we have been doing it all wrong apparently

Jeremy Vine’s co-host Storm Huntley has revealed a genius hack to stop your Christmas cake drying out once you have cut it.

Because we have been doing it all wrong apparently.

Speaking about all things festive on Monday’s episode, Storm decided to share a festive tip on how to slice your Christmas cake, while still keeping it fresh (and edible).

‘Mathematicians came up with this,’ she began. ‘The theory behind this is trying to get little surface area out to the air so the cake can keep its moisture.’

As she demonstrated how to cut the Christmas cake, Storm continued: ‘So, instead of doing our pie shapes, you now cut from the centre point.’

Struggling to cut through the icing, the host laughed: ‘We have got one side done, now it suggests to get the other side done.

‘This is to keep the moisture in.’

‘You take this slice out (the middle slice), here is where the interesting bit comes in,’ she added.

Because we have been doing it all wrong (Picture: Channel 5)

‘In order to reduce the surface area, you close this up (the remainder of the cake) and now it forms a sealed unit so when you come back to it tomorrow, there’s no surface area to the air.’

However, another way to solve this is by eating the entire cake in one go Storm, it is Christmas afterall.

Will you try the festive hack? (Picture: Channel 5)

If that isn’t enough, you can also save yourself hours of cooking on Christmas Day by freezing everything.

During a festive segment on This Morning last month, TV chef and food writer Justine Pattison explained how you can cook your entire Christmas feast in an hour.

Not only did she share a clever Christmas Turkey hack but she also demonstrated an easy way to prepare roast potatoes and sprouts: once again by preparing and freezing them in advance, they will be ready for the day.

Hey presto!

The Jeremy Vine Show airs daily on Channel 5 at 9.15am.


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