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Jeremy Vine, complete with new black eye, returns to TV after stacking it on penny-farthing

Jeremy Vine has got back on the horse, so to speak, as he returned to his TV show, with a new black eye, after falling from his penny-farthing last week.

What a sentence.

The presenter was back on his Channel 5 show on Monday sporting a pearler on his left eye following the incident, which saw him end up in hospital for checks on his noggin.

Good news is the presenter is perfectly fine and has already got ‘back in the saddle’ on his penny-farthing – a bike popular in the 1870s and 1880s with a large front wheel which the saddle sits on top of, with the rider subsequently eight foot in the air – as he attempted to figure out what went wrong on that fateful day last Sunday when he came a cropper.

Showing off his eye, he said: ‘There’s the black eye, if you want to take a little look at that. It was a proper shiner.

‘Basically, I was ok. I was out yesterday on it because I was trying to work out exactly what went wrong.’

As his co-panelist Storm Huntley suggested it was ‘a sign of madness to’ do the same thing again but expect another outcome, Jeremy insisted: ‘The penny-farthing is perfectly safe, yes I am eight foot in the air, but I made the mistake of going on grass and I hit a divot.

The avid cyclist knew he had to get back on his bike (Picture: @JeremyVineOn5)
It’s a big ol’ bike (Picture: @JeremyVineOn5)

‘As long as it’s smooth, it’s ok, you just don’t want to hit a divot, a pothole, or a drain cover.’

‘Of which there are plenty on the British roads,’ Storm replied, before Jeremy said: ‘I cannot see the latest fatality on a penny-farthing.’

His co-star joked: ‘That’s because nobody’s mad enough to go on them.’

Last week Jeremy revealed he’d stacked it on the Victorian bike and landed on his head, after hitting a divot in the park.

Jeremy was already eight foot off the ground when he came flying off his bicycle, and explained he was on grass with no one around when disaster struck.


He said in a video message to the studio from home at the time: ‘I didn’t see the divot, my front wheel went into it and I went over the handlebars and landed on my head’.

The Jeremy Vine Show even recreated the scene using some pretty dodgy animatronics to give viewers the full gravitas of the ordeal, sharing the star ended up ‘pretty incoherent’ after being knocked out for a second or two.

However, doctors at A&E warned Jeremy he could have ended up seriously injured and claimed they’d never actually written on a form for any patient before: ‘Was riding a penny-farthing.’

The Jeremy Vine Show air weekdays, 9.15am on Channel 5

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