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Jeremy Vine criticises government for no longer mentioning Covid as he and co-presenters are sick ‘in bed with it’

Jeremy Vine has questioned why the government is no longer addressing Covid despite rising numbers.

Last week, ONS figures revealed how coronavirus infections had risen for the first time in two months.

This was the first time total infections had risen week-on-week since the end of March, when the number hit a record 4.9 million at the peak of the Omicron BA.2 wave.

In total, 989,800 were thought to have Covid-19 a week after the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend, with around one in 70 people in England likely to test positive.

Now, Vine and several members of his Channel 5 team are at home sick with Covid, including his fellow presenter Storm Huntley.

In a message to viewers, shared on Twitter, Vine said: ‘Sore throat. Headache. Cough. Aches and pains and the Joy Division t-shirt. So I’m in bed with it, with COVID.

‘Previously, years gone by, I would have come into work with this – you can walk, you can work. Obviously that’s not possible now.

Jeremy Vine sick in bed after catching Covid (Picture: Channel 5)

‘Going by our shows, out of the presenters, 100% of our presenters have got it.

‘That means there must be a lot of it about. Why isn’t the government mentioning it?

Why isn’t the government saying: anyone vulnerable, you know, stay indoors.’

He continued: ‘Look at my test, there’s a big red line there. There’s a lot of it around.

Jeremy Vine questioned why the government isn’t mentioning Covid any more (Picture: Viacom / 12 Yard Productions)

‘Shouldn’t they be saying “Lock up your daughters” or “tie your mother down” or you know, just stay in if you are vulnerable. But we’ve not heard a peep.

‘I guess they’re too busy,’ he concluded.

Huntley also shared a message from her ‘Covid HQ’, where she’s been isolating for the last few days after testing positive.


She said: ‘It’s been quite the few days,’ adding that she’s suffering from a ‘fever’.

‘It’s been pretty pants really, fever, sinuses, coughs, I think I’m over the worse of it now which is great.’

The pair’s comments come after Covid passing the 250,000-a-day mark in the UK, having risen by 130% in three weeks.

Scientists are attributing the current wave and rise in cases to the new Omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5, while the risk of long Covid is lower from Omicron compared to the Delta variant, research has found.

The Jeremy Vine Show airs weekdays on Channel 5 from 9.15am.


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