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Jermaine Jenas documentary The Truth About Police Stop and Search leaves viewers ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’

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Viewers have been left shocked by the racism they witnessed in Jermaine Jenas’ documentary (Picture: Channel 4)

Viewers of Jermaine Jenas’ new documentary have been left appalled by the racism they witnessed during the programme.

The footballer-turned-broadcaster has spent the past year investigating the tactics police use to ‘tackle violent crime’ for The Truth About Police Stop & Search, which aired on Channel 4.

In the emotional film, Jermaine examined their methods with video recordings of several Black males interacting with police being shown.

The 38-year-old highlighted the fact that Black people in England and Wales are nine times more likely to be stopped by police than a white person.

He also explored the impact that stop and searches can have a negative impact on people’s mental health.

Many viewers were left ‘disgusted’ by what they saw in the documentary, sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

My Celebrity Life –

Jermaine has shared his own experience with the police (Picture: Channel 4)


‘How can anyone say that racism doesn’t exist in the UK?’ One viewer asked.

‘Watching this makes me feel sick. The police do not care about people of colour,’ another viewer said.

Another added: ‘This is so disturbing, there is just no excuse for such unnecessary actions and force. Of course its not all police, but the some give the all a bad name.’

Others labelled what they witnessed as ‘shocking’ and ‘upsetting’.

This comes after Jermaine revealed he was stopped and searched at age 10, with the ordeal reducing him to tears as a youngster.









The presenter and former footballer was left ‘devastated’, and said being stopped and searched then became a ‘regular experience’ for him.

Jermaine wrote in The Guardian: ‘I – a primary school pupil – was being publicly poked and prodded by fully grown adults in uniform because of the colour of my skin. I’m still not entirely sure what they’d convinced themselves they were looking for as they questioned me.

‘I went back to Dad’s devastated and in tears. I knew I wanted to be a professional footballer, and he always told me that I’d never make it if I ended up in trouble with the police. It was a way of scaring me into behaving myself.’

The former sports star added: ‘After I explained what had just happened on the street, Dad consoled me and said it wasn’t my fault. From then on, being stopped and searched became a regular occurrence – at least 10 times. I never had to be told not to trust the police, it was just the way things were.’

Jermaine Jenas’ documentary The Truth About Police Stop & Search is available on All4.

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