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Jimmy Carr hands out £18,000 jackpot to I Literally Just Told You contestant after game show makes huge error: ‘We messed up’

Jimmy Carr was forced to give away £18,000 to a contestant after uncovering a rather costly mistake on new series I Literally Just Told You.

Normally all the answers are hidden in plain sight during the show, with guests invited to recall information they’ve already heard.

However, the show messed up on Wednesday evening after failing to reveal the right answer earlier in the programme.

Eddy, a Sainsbury’s worker from Glasgow, thought he’d missed out on the £18,000 jackpot – but it turns out it was the show who’d made an error, not him.

He was unable to give singer Ariana Grande’s age, but it hadn’t actually been revealed to him during the episode.

So, Jimmy set about ‘owning the mistake’ by inviting him onstage during one of his standup shows three weeks later.

Eddy thought he’d missed out on the jackpot (Picture: Channel 4)

Speaking in front of a packed crowd, Jimmy said to him: ‘Now I’ve got something to tell you, I’ve got something to confess.

‘You lost the money on a question – it was Ariana Grande’s age. We talked about her age but we never gave you the specific age so we messed up.’

He added: ‘And when you mess up in life, you’ve got to own your mistakes. Here’s a cheque for £18,000.’

Jimmy surprised Eddy with the news onstage (Picture: Channel 4)

An overjoyed Eddy delighted with the money, and was cheered by the crowd as he accepted the cash.

Congrats Eddy!

Jimmy’s new series features contestants competing against each other to win the prize money for their chosen charities, with the celebrity edition airing last night.

The Channel 4 series is a game show where paying attention pays off, as players answer questions that have just been written, about things that have just happened during the programme, in a bid to win up to £25,000.

Nick Knowles was shocked to learn the concept of Jimmy Carr’s new game show, I Literally Just Told You – criticising it for  ‘playing charities against each other’.

Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You is available to stream on All4.


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