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Jodie Turner-Smith’s Anne Boleyn shares tender kiss with Jane Seymour in first episode of Channel 5 drama

Channel 5’s new series Anne Boleyn had literal tongues wagging as Jodie Turner-Smith’s Queen Anne shared a kiss with Lola Petticrew’s Jane Seymour.

The first episode of the period drama, which charts the Queen’s final days as King Henry VIII (Mark Stanley)’s wife before she was beheaded, aired last night, much to the delight of viewers.

In one scene, Anne plants a tender smacker on her love rival’s lips.

‘Remember who you are, don’t betray yourself and you won’t live to regret,’ she tells Jane in a touching moment between the pair.

After locking lips, Jodie’s Anne comments: ‘Yes, I can see the appeal.’

Viewers were certainly divided by the kiss, with some blasting producers for making a mockery of history, despite the show being billed as a re-examining through a feminist lens.

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Anne Boleyn kisses Jane Seymour in the first episode of the new drama (Picture: Channel 5)

Speaking about the kiss before it aired, Lola said that it would definitely be a ‘talking point for a lot of people’.

‘Very simply, it was Anne assessing what was before her, and her sort of interest in [Jane]. Sometimes Anne sees Jane through the male gaze and she’s trying to see what her husband [King Henry VIII] sees, which I think is really interesting because it’s the male gaze through a female gaze, which I think is really beautiful.’

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The new three-part drama began on Tuesday night (Picture: Channel 5)

Explaining Anne’s intentions, Lola continued to Radio Times: ‘I think that on Anne’s side, she is looking at Jane. And she has been looking at Jane for a while.

‘She’s trying to see what her husband sees, she’s trying to see what the appeal is, and then assess what the actual threat is.’

Elsewhere in the first episode, Anne was seen giving birth to her stillborn son in a heartbreakingly prolonged scene, and also engaged in several steamy trysts.

Anne Boleyn returns to Channel 5 next Tuesday at 9pm.

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